Threaded videos or Playlists

Like to make a longer video? Or to label them as a “series”?

I like the idea of playlists to lump a series of content together.


That would be cool. I wouldn’t see a purpose for it on v2 though.

Yeah like a series

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Related content and similar videos.

I support this.

I wouldn’t want to be able to string together videos to make them longer because that takes away from the art of v2.

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I mean that could work but when I see that on instagram I see something dumb like, follow the users or this will happen.

I like this idea, but maybe even do it similar to how Twitter does threads where you can see the original has a thread and click it to see more

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I actually like that better because my thought was like a post that is about one thing and then a related post. So like Twitter has it theres a theme/storyline and not just a bunch of pics


Even something like the YouTube playlists where you can just go down the line to watch all the related vids.


A series would be perfect!


Think about all the time you could save trying to scroll through all of your likes to find the “Pronouncing Things Incorrectly” videos

That’s such a good idea, like literally, I love the idea of series videos

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I know way back when on vine, a lot of artists would recycle ideas with different punchlines. I’m agreeing with the lumping of content into folders or playlists.

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Being able to post a series would be an amazing addition to V2!

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As @BratKneeD mentioned, I think being able to make a playlist (like on Youtube) would be great!

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I think there should definitely be a way to categorize personal content, through a playlist or some other method. If there is a “series” you do or several parts to an idea, you should be able to find all of them in the same spot. Also, whenever a trend is going around there could be a way to put all of that meme into one place for you to watch them all in succession. I suppose hashtags or another method of tagging could do this, but playlists might be another strategy. Any other categorization ideas?

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Playlists will be an amazing thing to have, and not even just for personal content. A HUGE thing that came out of the closing of vine were YouTube compilations of funny vines, or compilations of whatever topic. Users should be able to compile and curate other peoples videos as well and share them. Or even just to organize your own likes.

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This thread talks about some options. I think playlists would probably be the most practical and useful though.

Another reason to be able to change the order is because the default on most social media is newest to oldest, leaving viewers to watch things in reverse-chronological order. If you have a series of, say, 3 vines that expand upon a topic or idea, the delivery of all 3 might suffer as a result of watching them backward. Being able to put videos in a playlist or in a different order than the default would lead to a more cohesive collection of videos.

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Playlists would go nice with a shuffle feature and the ability to filter playlists by theme.

Scenario: Favorites list, filterable to theme (cat videos, sports videos, etc.). Can shuffle list as a cure for boredom.

Reason for theme filter is to avoid unnecessary creation of multiple lists only separated by theme (favorite cat videos, favorite sports videos, …).