Thoughts on the last 72 hours

I’m not much of a topic starter guy but here’s some thoughts…rant?..I’ve had after taking the time to think—

Without the wave Gen Z brought in, we probably wouldn’t have had some of the recent App updates for quite some time. That was awesome in itself. It’s pretty clear from the feedback that we were lacking some viewer-centric features that will bring/keep people on the app. It’s no secret that before the last couple days, the Byte app was flooded with more creators than viewers. This was a huge shift.

Ah, the comments…
I’ll admit, I was taken back at first. The comments viewed as “hate” were a lot to soak in. You have to remember, from our side (byte prior to the new users) the app was slow and every comment was “hahaha” or “this is awesome” before a couple of days ago. We definitely set ourselves up to be enraged by anything opposite of that, real hate or not. I’m not justifying it, I’m looking for reconciliation and to move forward. At this point, ignoring those comments has been a lot easier to do (I failed miserably at that, initially). If you’re still upset by them, it’s totally understandable. Flag and/or block instead of engaging.

I hope the majority of new users can stick around because this will be a lot of fun. Byte is a completely different culture than Tik Tok and we want everyone to feel accepted and heard. I look forward to seeing what the new users bring to the app, some fresh creativity and learning more about Gen Z humor/interests.



Y’know, I’m glad you didn’t receive any death threats, bullying, or pedophile “jokes,” but many people did and still are. Nobody is complaining about the dumb comments these kids are leaving or their abrasive sense of humor. It’s the legitimate harassment we’re concerned about.


Are you still getting those comments? They all of a sudden stopped on my videos late yesterday. I think the Byte team did something, not sure what, but, it seemed pretty sudden.


I did notice these were over 10 hours old, so perhaps “still are” isn’t entirely accurate today. I’d hope.

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I did receive death threats, and I have since deleted those comments. I’m sorry you had to deal with those. I’m just trying to move forward and work to educate those for the future.


Yup, I think we all had to process the changes in our beloved byte community together and now we are all rising to the occasion. I am pumped to find new creators and support their work!

An interesting phenomenon has presented itself for me personally—I feel a deepened connection with OG byters (even those I do not follow)—not in a tribalistic way but in a “hey, we came from the same litter” way…it’s cool and unexpected. I love seeing the fresh faces of the non-dickhead newbies but, it also feels reassuring to see OG byters sticking with the app and continuing to post.

Props to all the creators that shared their emotional process as it relates to moving into love and acceptance in the face of profound changes AND to those who handled it with humor and creativity!!!

Grateful to be part of the best digital community in existence. Hyperbole? I think not!!!


The last 72 hours have been a rollercoaster, reminiscent of launch day. I have to admit that I’m a little dissapointed it took this for the Byte team to start communicating with us and spring into action. I feel like they are now rushing get out features that could have been put into palce months ago, the app would have been more ready for this onslaught, I hope the kids are patient enough to wait for a few weeks for those features, because I don’t want to see them slowly disappear as happened weeks after launch day.

But now that Buzzfeed posted an article about this huge migration, we could get another wave. Fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!


I really don’t like this. See, this is normailizing and excusing something that isn’t ok.
A comment disguised with emojis that still boils down to “sit in an electric chair” “snap your own neck” “die”… that’s not Viewed as hate. That IS HATE. There are legit laws written around this kind of cyber bullying, and it has real consequences.

People are learning, the comments are getting better, but let’s not get into a habit of normalizing toxicity and aggression. That’s how this cycles get so bad that telling someone to die is considered a joke by kids who are screwing their own mental health and other’s without realizing/caring


I agree! Idk if you notice though but overall engagement (for everyone) has gone kinda downhill, idk just something I noticed idk about others :man_shrugging:t2:

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Do you mean engagement has gone down as of today, or since the TikTok kids arrived?

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I have 4 post that obviously trigger these kids.
I refuse to delete them & yes I’m still being told to kill myself and strangely on the ones with my kids I’m a pedo! Block & delete the vile ones.
I blocked & deleted 600+ easily.
However if u click on the odd page & get into a conversation (they really dont get sarcasm) like this content is pure gold please stay & create more, I’ve ended up having some fairly decent conversations with what seems to be lost kids.
I’m not saying those comments are not vile they’re disgusting & not ok! but the majority are lost and unsure & just need guidance.
I’m sorry we dealing with this but if we want the app to grow then this i fear is going to be our new normal.
It’s time consuming but the interaction has helped me go from me almost losing it with the hate to actually seeing this for what it is, the future just like Vine lots of different people just trying to find a home to create whatever is their thing.
Hope u don’t mind me chiming in :v:


As A genz myself I am sorry on behalf of each of everyone of us I’m so sorry you’re receiving this hate​:heart::heart: Hopefully it stops soon everyone is settling in right now and are finding their way


Today, idk if you look in channels people aren’t getting huge numbers of likes like yesterday or the day before (not that it matters just an observation)


Some people aren’t going to the channels people are just scrolling through the your mix page

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I haven’t been motivated to get on the app for a WHILE, and I’m not making anything at the moment, but I’m finding creators I can relate to since we’re the same age. I just never felt like there was a part of byte I could really fit with, so the past few days have been quite nice besides the comment trouble people have been having


Yeah, I don’t think he is normalizing it at all. Those comments are a lot to process for some people.


i agree. i dont enjoy negativity either but its important to think of the bigger picture. obviously comments that involve targeted harassment/threats, racism, homophobia…etc should never be tolerated and should be reported immediately.


It’s just a phase everyone goes through It will die down​:heart::heart:

Some people might not think they’re hating in actual fact some people take it offensively

You can be sure OG Byters will not tolerate the glorification of self-harm, threats or hate speech. We never have and never will. I trust our community to make a clear stands against these issues. For some folks their digital life shapes their entire headspace which makes posts that promote harmful behavior an no go here. Thanks LDD from making a distinction between lame comments and legit corrosive and dangerous public displays.

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