Thoughts on the byte logo & name?

I saw Dom posting some logo ideas several days ago on twitter, but I really like the one chosen! what do you guys think about it? Same with the name… any thoughts? I personally like it a lot better than just “V2”.


Its very nicely done!

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At first I wanted it to be v2 but now I’m digging this logo and name


I feel the “b” resembles a 6 as well

I dig it, but what’s the tiny B shaped triangles on top

Reminds me of Google play


WOOOAH I never saw how the b looks like a 6!!! That’s amazing!!


Is it confirmed that it’s still going to be 6 sec? I’m just curious

I like the byte logo and name and I agree that the name Byte is better than V2

The name and logo are perfect…:partying_face:
All content creators are going to be considered byters. We will be able to get our laugh or creativity on.


Its a pretty cool name and also catchy so… We agree with it

I don’t like the weird coloured triangles either. But overall it’s good. So, on Byte you post a byte. But are users of Byte called Byters? I hope not. I think something more generic like ‘Byter user’ will have to do.

EXACTLY!!! vic u da dude

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@kdghantous Tbh, I like Byters a lot! I think that we just gotta get used to it is all.

Also, am I the only who thinks the logo looks a lot like HQ Trivia’s? The blurple reminds me of it, a long with the other colors that form the b. BUT

it looks totally sick!!! :laughing:

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Not a biter on Byters? haha

I hope HQ Trivia gives some type of exposure on the app like old :vine: trivia or something especially considering that the creater of HQ was one of the co-founders dom worked with on the :vine: app!

Lol, actually there were 3! 2 went to HQ, and Domathan stayed

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