Thoughts on fast food?

  • Heck Yes
  • Frick No

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Everything has the potential to be good, just never in large doses.


Heck yes when eaten rarely, not frequently!

I like fast food but I feel a little gross when eating it, especially if it’s oily or fatty. Depends what fast food it is tho, and it depends how often I have it :wink:

I’m saying no because of the horrible treatment of the animals and workers, along a few other issues (we read Fast Food Nation in English and now I’m scared). but I do eat taco bell, but no meat (I’m vegetarian) :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s good when it’s not consumed on a daily basis

Heckkkk yeaah

I work at Chick-Fil-A and I still love fast food.

I might be fat, but at least I’m fat, happy, and getting paid.

The paradox of our times:

Is Chipotle fast food?

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I have this rule, tell me if it’s good or not.

I won’t buy fast food unless it’s only with friends or family. That way getting fast food won’t happen often, and it can be pretty fun. Thoughts?


I started to that recently cause I always used to eat it by myself before


A little heck yes… don’t like it that much haha

I want, but I shouldn’t

Ohhhh yes but ohhh noo :((

Maybe once or twice every three months heheh

once a month or so for a cheat day.

Well it’s fast I mean…

Not good for anybody

Too much of anything is bad. Even too much water or too much fresh air is bad. My New Years resolution is to eat less fast food. And when I DO go out to eat, I substitute fries or chips with applesauce, salad, or a cup of veggies!