Thoughts on Casey Neistat's Interview?

Casey Neistat uploaded an interview with the head of youtube business! This guy is in charge of all things relating to creators so those of you who make Youtube Videos should definitely check it out!

I thought it was a great first interview and I hope to see more communication like this. Of course, there are still more answers wanted but I wouldn’t expect to get them all in one interview


The interview should be very interesting, I’m going to watch it

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Let me know what you thank! :blush:

It clarifies a couple things pretty well imo. But i’m always sceptical when the big guys make promises even though i do think Kyncl seems to have his heart in the right place

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Haven’t watched it in full yet but I’m glad that Casey managed to set it up, he’s probably one of the best youtubers on the site for this type of thing

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I actually made a post about this video this morning :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I watched it several times, and I definitely found it interesting. I am especially a big fan of the 4 F’s mentioned at the end of the video; this should be the type of vision/mission that YouTube should be more vocal about.

Ultimately, there are still questions that need to be asked, and I addressed some of them on my post

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I agree! I think his heart is in the right place too, just going to take some trial and error to find stability on youtube that works for all parties

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Yes! He’s so great and they seem to really respect him!

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ahhhhh, I didn’t see it! I apologize!

I agree with that as well! I hope creators take that into consideration for the present/future

and definitely! Phillip DeFranco is hoping to get a follow up interview with them and that should open up more should it happen! I’ll check out what you stated in your post :grin:

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Definitely, this will change how social media interacts with their users and help with PR (perhaps V2 considers this for future reference)

An interview from Phillip DeFranco will probably answer more of the questions we have, so I’m excited :smile:

** and my posts get buried, so maybe I’ll just stick to providing good responses :sweat_smile:

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Most definitely!

Yes! It would be such a great interview! A great follow up to Casey’s :grin:

and hahahah i’m really just oblivious sometimes :weary::joy:

I will be watching this later on.

Where was this filmed? It looks like a work room. What’s with all the booze in the room?image

This was filmed in Casey Neistat’s studio in NYC; all of that liquor is for anyone that comes by and wants a drink (he doesn’t drink that often, but he’s considerate of other’s choices and wanted to make his studio look comfy and cool)

Casey Neistat thinking and approach will really impact on his net worth value.Casey Neistat should engage his audience in order to get more success.

You should check out his latest video; he’s back from his break!! He will be growing SO MUCH from his plan

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