Thoughts about younger kids making v***s?

i wasn’t sure which category to put this haha so
what are your guys’ thoughts on younger kids making vines?
i’ve heard a lot of people getting angry that they don’t want any “cringy 12 year olds” on the app

I don’t think there should be a problem with it as far as they don’t do inappropriate things.

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Honestly, if their parents allow it, then I don’t really care, :man_shrugging:t4:

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Also, this should be on general discussion. There’s other threads about age limits, I’ll edit this post in a minute with the links.

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I’m 14 wich is young but tbh I get what people mean when they say they don’t want any cringey kids on vine but I mean is it that hard to just scroll past?


haha same! i’m 15 and it was sort of at the back of my mind right when i heard about v2

If I Vine gets age restricted they’re gonna have to catch these hands hahahah

ahaha right :joy:

They need the aprobation of their parents, without i think that they will not be allow on the app, i am talking about kids under 13 years old

I am 12 but I’m not cringy, I have a YouTube channel with 296 subs too.

That’s pretty impressive!! will look forward to seeing you on vine :smiley:

Thanks :grin:

Cool channel man! I subbed

I personally wouldn’t watch any kids’ vines but I’m fine with them making appropriate content


Thanks! I’m doing a $15 gift card giveaway at 300

It’s hard to ever really make hard age restrictions on a platform because (1) People lie and (2) There are always mature and creative kids out there. Being empathetic, I wouldn’t have liked it for platforms to just say I couldn’t be there because of age because I knew that I would personally be mature on it, y’know?

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I agree! I myself always got past age restrictions when I was 12-13 hahaha I’m kind of guilty :’)

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hahaha, I was the same

Same. (AKA right now)

Just one more year man…

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Ahahaha don’t worry!! One year’ll be over in no time
It feels like just yesterday I was like 12 and signing up for twitter :joy:
So much regret