Thoughts about New Mexico? (To people not from/living here)

Just wondering cause I haven’t seen anyone mention the state really, and I’m always wondering what people outside NM think of the state/ residents lol (I’m currently living in Albuquerque)
There’s plenty of stereotypes and running jokes within the state but I have no clue what people in other states think


I think it’s kinda interesting cause I have never been there, but I find their urban legends creepy (if they still exist)

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I know nothing about new Mexico :joy: I think I live so far upstate (I’m right next to the Canadian border) that I just kind of forgot that there are other places :joy::joy::joy:

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It’s newer than regular Mexico, and I always like the newest stuff.

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Hot dog, jumping frog, Albuquerque! Do you by any chance know this song?


I dont know anything about New Mexico, The people from there speak English or Spanish? Why the name “New Mexico”?

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lol no I haven’t heard of that

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It’s a state in the US lol. About the same spanish to english speaking ratio as the southern valley of Cali. There’s a lot of first gen immigrants that only speak spanish- with their kids generally being bilingual. Also lots of people just learn basic spanish at least by living here- depends on the part of the state though.
There’s also a lot of reservations in New Mexico so a lot of people from the res speak their tribe’s language and english. There’s basically just a lot of bilingual people here, and lots of language majors at UNM.
The Spanish (not mexican gov’t) gave the area the name New Mexico when they took the land and it kept the name when the US took it-- prior to around the 16th century (iirc) most of the Southwest of what is now the US was Mexico’s land

Cool, I thought that was from Mexico, Do you speak spanish?

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lil bit, I’ve only lived here for a year and a half but I’m from the south valley of Cali so I picked up a lot there.
I can get the gist of most conversations (depending on the subject I’ll understand like ballpark 50-80% of spoken words and 70-90% if I’m reading it) but I’m not very good at speaking it

The only time I think of New Mexico is when im watching High School Musical because its set in Albuquerque :joy:

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Oh man I didn’t even know that it’s def not accurate to what abq is like at all :joy: totally thought it was set in the SOCal coast area or Florida lmao
I mean it’s not exactly accurate to any high school but least of all Albuquerque :joy:

This is classic

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The actual high school that they used to film High School Musical is in Salt Lake City and it is actually called East High. I drive by it all the time because I go to Salt Lake a lot for tennis tournaments.

I’d assume it has a strong mexican influence over both in terms of demographics and because of course mexico is right below. Also, I think of remote desersts a lot