Thought experiment: distributed V***-like app that relies on distributed services

Imagine Vine but without an HQ as such: the app is dynamically distributed, so that everyone’s devices are file hosts and servers. It doesn’t have to be ‘profitable’ because every user is providing storage and distribution. Built into the network is a cryptocurrency tipping system.

The problem with this kind of network is that performance could be dramatically less than a centralized network.


Well what abt ppl that don’t have as much storage as you or I, assuming you have a “larger” storage amount… ppl with 16gb phones are gonna lose most of it due to an app using all the memory… and a phone is a small device to be storing app data like that, like wouldn’t our phones slow down horribly, all due to 1 app.


Yeah, and by doing this, the phones must be constantly connected to the internet, that would mean also a waste of data, files are constantly being transferred between the host and other devices.


all that AND i feel like the cryptocurrency thing is kinda weird, cuz not everyone has it and it was also kind of a trend. ALSO, unless cryptocurreny is the app’s main point, it would be kinda awkward to have that, (aside from using that for normal tipping).