This weekend I,

I’m gonna make this for me and you to post stuff we did and are proud of,
I cooked stuff this weekend:
image image image image


Looks really good :ok_hand::ok_hand:


I did some history homework and SAT prep. Pretty uneventful.

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here’s a picture of everything that i did this weekend

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I mean at least you did things, I had to watch a movie for homework lol

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Did absolutely nothing.

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Can I order some food

no you cannot

Took a 13 hour nap then ate pizza :sunglasses: (ps nice food)

I would tell you what I did this weekend…but that would imply I did something.

I wrote a song this weekend :hugs:

Worked and beat the meat

Cool, i cooked too, meat geta tender when you beat it

YEs it does get tender helps the juices come out when I cook it

Surrendered my life to discord and memes

I went to a basketball thing, worked on a paper for an English class, watched YouTube, and waited for the Byte bulletin.

thought about how I have school tomorrow and how I wasted my spring break playing gmod

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made these @Benf edits

that’s kinda it lol. and then the usual thinking about life and stuff

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I actually want to taste that, it looks good.

First two pics look delicious. If you keep this up Chef ramsy might have a place for you in his staff