This show feels like a fever dream


I’m talking about the show gumby was I the only one that watched this when I was younger I thought about it while I was talking about Popeye and I could have sworn I had a figurine of Gumby


When I was a kid, I never brushed my hair (Still don’t :frowning: ) so everyone would call me Gumby and that’s the only reason why I started watching the show :sob:

Thank you for joining my Ted Talk


Honestly kinda suprised this is still relevant with your generation, but I think I had a figurine too lol

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I really don’t think it is relevant because I’ve asked my friends if they know what it was and they said they don’t I think it’s just because I grew up with my grandma and so she has a lot of old shows

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Oh ok. Makes sense. I had younger cousins who didnt know who Rocky was so I introduced them to it

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