This new byte update is fantastic

Just for context: It’s the new Android update as of the 4th of September 2020.

Byte on Android has always had loading issues on Android, after the beta period ended and the issues persisted I slowly stopped watching bytes because only 1/10 would load and it was a waste of my time.

This new update has obviously had some massive improvements, I don’t know if it’s netcode or what, but it’s been nothing but buttery. I barely have to wait a second before content loads.

Not a fan of the new tiktok-esque ui but eh, I’ll leave it in zen mode.


I like it a lot too but I don’t have new UI

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Am I the only one seeing a verified tick on all bytes (not profiles) since the update? (Android beta)

Like this

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Thanks everyone for the positive feedback! We’re really happy the changes we’ve been working on have improved things for you :slight_smile:

@Alphawings great catch! We’ll fix that right away, before the beta reaches a wider audience :slight_smile:


Is the update a beta update or a regular update?

Oh no no, that’s something we don’t want fixed, unless you mean you’re gonna verify the creators in my byte. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Woah I wish mines was like that could you be so kind as to look up PhintoBean and screenshot if it has a check


It’s on everyone’s byte but not on profiles of course. Enjoy it while it lasts. :joy::wink:

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Nice little verification tease :rofl:


Thank You definitely not gonna flex like I’m verified or anything :joy::joy::joy:

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New byte update not coming to ios?

these changes will come to iOS as well, but because the implementations are a bit different android will actually get this one a little bit earlier

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