This is who Byte really cares about

Well my first post got unlisted because I directly called someone out.

Quick catchup: a TT person yesterday commented this on a forum:

And then got spotlighted today, showing that the Byte team either doesn’t care or doesn’t pay too close attention.

But I think this again just goes to show where some priorities are. Not trying to gatekeep and say that person shouldn’t be allowed on the app… but let me call them out. Why just sit around and let these people continue to absolutely shit on the app while also being “rewarded” by the team?


I’m surprised that they’ve pulled the most stupidest move of all that is [insert name of stupid person here] and yet they given us the opportunity to call out anyone especially the byte team for doing anything when suddenly things just don’t go their way?

MASSIVE L :clown_face::joy_cat:


Don’t let them get to you that’s what they want they’re just looking for attention


What should do we do if they’re ducking everywhere, block them!?

Well yeah like don’t give them attention unless you’re prepared to go back and forth with them


The fact that they spotlighted the person that made this comment is- i-


I have a feeling they don’t do background checks on everyone they spotlight (personal opinion in no way a reflection of the mod or byte team🙈)


Yeah. And I haven’t seen anyone that works at byte even comment on these forums ever since I entered if it’s not Dom or support on bug threads. I think they just choose videos they like at random I guess


Mental that the OG post got shut down. We should definitely be aloud to call that person and byte out on this. You slate the app/users and then get spotlight :exploding_head: madness


Well did anyone actually watch this video was it at least funny or something

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The original post didnt get deleted, it was unlisted with a chance of being listed again if the names were edited out of it. It was then closed after this second thread was made. Mods are instructed to unlist any posts that are calling out individuals.


Does make sense :+1:

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just don’t let it get to you even if people like that seem to be winning. Eventually they get their karma I have learned but sometimes it just takes forever or sometimes its soon it depends.

I don’t care about what he said. That shit doesn’t get to me. It’s Byte continuing to be sloppy that’s annoying.


It’s not unfunny tbh. But at the same time time there is other stuff more deserving of spotlight by users who are consistently good and not being overtly toxic.


Yeah I understand that

Hahaha at least you have the balls to stick to your guns :man_shrugging:t2:


Put a spotlight on that toxicity :flashlight: :flashlight:


That’s a real bummer. :pensive:

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So basically you want the place to be policed even though most of us are here cos we can do as we please , get a grip dude scroll past like a grown up

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