This is what puts byte on top

Out of all my years using social media outlets I can’t recall anyone of them having a community forum. This is something that really sets byte apart from all the other apps. This community forum is what going to take byte to the top and its only going to get better from here. This is the first time where I really actually enjoyed growing in a community of people who are just trying to share their creativity, joy and entertainment to the world around them. So cheers to everyone apart of this community and lets make sure we make it a great one together.


I absolutely agree! I’ve been wanting to grow an audience on a platform like YouTube for the longest time, so when I found byte, I immediately jumped on, found success there, and continue to make content for it. But at the same time, I also appreciate the community aspect of the forums, as it shows that even though we all have different follower and view counts, we’re all in this together, we’re here to help each other, and we can learn more about each other through our interactions. :grin:


So true! so much to be excited for because as byte continues to grow I am so excited to see how this community grows as well :grinning:


I 2nd that! This community has inspired me to create way more than any other social platform. Everyone is incredibly friendly and engages with each other constantly. I’m looking forward to the inevitable growth of this app.


thats awesome i’m glad it been that way for you and im hoping this forum and app continues to grow as the days go by


i find byte+community work great together. not usually good with forum/ web board (most of the time felt overwhelmed), but feel totally engaged in this community forum. :grin:


thats definitely great to hear and I’m glad you have been enjoying it as much as I have :grinning:

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@discobot roll 1d10


:game_die: 8

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I do love this forum! Have not had a negative interaction, and everyone either gives really good advice or just is having fun being goofballs.


That if for sure a great thing to hear! If byte team can continue to manage a great forum combined with the app with got something special here :grinning:


byte really is all about the community and always has been. it’s incredible! :grin:

the byte team are so passionate about the community :purple_heart:


And I am glad they are, really looking forward to what the weeks/months have to offer as time goes by

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Totally agree. I’ve never been part of a forum before…

((when I’ve stumbled across forums in the past I’ve been afraid that I accidentally unearthed a long dead part of the internet laced with some kind of curse and promptly left))

…but I’m loving being a part of this one! Constantly surprised by how much of a community this weird (slightly archaic) internet format can build.

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It makes it easy for others to interact with each other, and a better way get ideas out there for creators who want to do more. Networking is definitely a plus about it all!

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Byte has everything going in its favor. It’ll become the new standard for social media apps. :100:

I agree with you! lol


Glad you have been enjoying it and that you didn’t unearth a long dead part of the internet laced with a curse hahaha

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haha l love this