This is what happens when a Snowstorm hit the City

Students get a day off.

I got blasted here in Michigan. Spent most of my morning shoveling.


They talk about Global Warming. What about Global Cooling? I live in the south and I’m FREEZING. SMH

Same in New York! I’m off :joy:

I live in Chicago and it got so cold My door froze so I had to use my hair dryer to melt the little ice that was holding my door back


Yeah it’s freezing–my whole driveway iced over :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:

Yah I live near Tennessee so it got a bit colder as I went home in flordia

I feel like winters are getting colder and summers hotter. Where i live we keep beating subzero temperature records.

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Yea blizzards where I’m at could be wild :ok_hand: we got 30 inches on snow from a blizzard three years ago. Fun times

i’m here dying of sickness in nova scotia so i was so relieved because of the snow day
it’s beautiful and perfect mood for the new frozen 2 trailer lol