This is Weird

Hey everyone!

I’m FiveCardsKane, but you can call me Kane. This is really weird… I have never promoted myself in any way, shape, or form. Word of mouth is my primary mode of transportation, but here we go…

I have a whole ton of projects that I’m working on. I have a new(ish) YouTube Channel where I play video games (how cliche at this point), a website where I review gaming in general (video, tabletop, accouterments, etc.) that is doubling as a blog for where my head is at when I’m doing anything (and it seems the website is turning more into just a blog) a Twitter account where I have not been posting enough, a Twitch Stream… When you put it all out there, damn. And now I’m trying to get back into 6+ second videos!? It’s madness… pure MADNESS!!!

I’m not asking for sub4sub or anything like that. I’ve had a rough go the last few months with a family illness that is really starting to drag me down. I’m just looking for motivation to keep my plates spinning.

Anyway, you can find all of that stuff using my username FiveCardsKane. I tend to keep things pretty simple. The website is After the middle of March, things should be getting back into the swing of things. Let me know what you think, either open forum or private message, I’m pretty much open-sleeve when it comes to criticism.

Kane out.


Hey Kane! I think you have a good future ahead as a gamer! I just liked your ideas. Building websites to promote your talent is a good idea. I believe that you will complete it ASAP. I think v2 will be a good stage to improve your skills!
Will be waiting for you to become a pro gamer…
All the best!

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I’m not great at gaming but I can tell you’ve got some real drive, keep going!

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Much appreciated!

It took me five tries before my brain said “It’s scandalous, you idiot”, but I got there! I wound up taking a whole mess of videos down due to music that was once free no longer being free. It happens. Need to re-edit them but who has the time?

Doc and Marty, that’s who.

Kane out.

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Mayabodin! Two comments!? A trend emerges my friend. Thanks for the love. If you watch my videos, I can guarantee you can be just as bad as me, all while filming yourself too!

Kane out.

Hi Kane, Can you post you social media? So the people can know you a little more :wink:, Welcome to this big a nice family, If you have any questions, tell me I can help you, I hope you have a lot of success in V2.

Twitter: @FiveCardsKane
Snapchat: @FiveCardsKane
Instagram: @FiveCardsKane
YouTube: FiveCardsKane or just click the link to the first video of my second playthrough:

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will suerly support you…