This is not over (yet)

this app isn’t going to die, and it will never be - for the love of god.
right now, we’re not doing good. but if we continue to move on, then we will win the battle.

we need to revive the app and rise up. we may gonna die, but not today damnit.

together, let’s make this community greater and better. we will either live as legends, or die as forgotten heros (but at least we tried).

let’s rules the social media, together.


credit: @JohnQ


This is fine.


You’re so rad


We can do this! :grin:

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That’s great, but, in reality the Byte team has kind of disengaged with the community here in the forum. There hasn’t been any communication about anything in a long time, and bug reports here go unanswered. There hasn’t been an update to the app in nearly a month. Before there were nearly a dozen per month.

So while I agree with the sentiment — after all many of us have been around here for over 2 years and want nothing more than to see Byte wildly succeed — the silence from the Byte team and the big drop in activity on the app is disconcerting. It would be so easy to let us all know what’s going on, not sure why they haven’t. In the absence of communication people are speculating or abandoning the app.


I totally understand everyone’s concern and I share it, but we have to be patient. These are not normal times. We have no idea what might be going on with the team or potential investors and there could be a thousand reasons why they can’t communicate that to us right now. Especially if it has to do with private information like illness during the pandemic or being more invested in the social direction of the country.

A small team means less labor to go around in times of strain. And even if everything is paused it may just be temporary. But constantly speculating about a dead app doesn’t help morale. I believe
They were serious when they said they just want us to have fun and not worry about engagement.

I sincerely would like to be part of the partner program but focusing on the goal so intensely kills my passion for what I create. So I am just trying to go with the flow, as difficult as that is when we really need income ect. But we can only control ourselves, right? We can’t force the app into being if it’s not ready.


Here, have some kittens…



There is absolutely no reason they can’t communicate something, even if just to say “we’re taking a little break, we’ll be back with more updates later.” I know they have a small team, but they have someone on staff whose job is Community Liaison. I think it’s poor judgment to leave all the beta testers who’ve been here through thick and thin in the dark. I know for a fact some of the partners were given an update over 2 weeks ago. It would be so easy to put that same info into a bulletin and would be very welcome by everyone.

I also realize we’re not in normal times, and if that’s the reason they’ve pulled back, let us know! The beta testers have been through all kinds of ups and downs, from the app development being suspended 2 years ago to losing Jacob, a key engineer, in a tragic death a few months before the launch. We’ve always been here for Dom and his team, no matter how bad things got. So it feels a bit personal to now be ignored after all we’ve been through together.

Everyone in this community wants to see this app succeed. We’ve all made so many great online friends through this app and forum. It’s why many people are concerned about the long silence. But at some point people are going to start questioning whether it’s worth sticking around if it appears that even the Byte team has lost interest in their own app and community.

They need to let us know what’s going on, good or bad.


I haven’t even been here that long (only since November) and yeah there’s a lot that goes unnoticed. I try to create content and it goes unnoticed. I try to communicate my issues with the updates we need, and a lot of people have agreed on and it goes unnoticed. I’m sure they’re busy and have been testing on stuff etc. But It’d be nice to at least get bi-weekly updates on what changes or plans they have or what we could be getting on the app soon.


I would love to see byte become popular. However, there have barely been any updates. Yes, there was the big channels updat, but that was nearly a month ago. Actually it might have been a month ago.

Also, there aren’t that many features that attract most people. Lots of people would love to see follower counts and other things like that.


I miss the vine_official account :pensive:

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I don’t know what it feels like to be an OG beta tester or to have gone through all this community has before February. I honestly didn’t realize how unusual this silence was. I in no way want to dismiss the uneasy feels. They are completely valid. I just know the world is heavy for everyone right now and I hope everyone is ok and that we hear something soon. I have no idea what happens when an app dies. It scares me to think we might loose this outlet for expression, because it’s a great one.


I’m having a lot of issues and concerns that are steering me away from the app. I still post and participate, because I want Byte to flourish, but as TomWho has pointed out, I’m feeling in the dark.