(this is me trying to be a peace maker)

okay, hello! I’m Julie and, as many of you know, there is a bit of conflict in this community about people who want fame and people who think people who want fame have the wrong priorities.

then you come to the people like me who don’t really have an opinion and can see both sides of these arguments (hello to my fellow peeps who are in this boat :wave:)

so I am here to (hopefully) bring some peace to this because it makes me kinda sad to see this fighting over something that, in the end, is pointless to bicker about.

(all information used is from this thread):

· one of the main things I noticed is the incredibly biased opinions and how people’s opinions seemed to be set into stone before even hearing the other side! this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however it does make it hard to call peace here when one side refuses to understand what the other side is saying because it doesn’t fit into their bias.

my solution here is to listen to what the other person is saying and forget about what you already believe and just LISTEN.

· another thing that was really bothering me was the fallacies of logic being used. put simply, everyone was jumping to conclusions, using hypothetical situations lacking any support or facts besides their opinion, and a few other things. don’t feel bad if you were doing this because it can be rather hard to avoid unless you’re really thinking about it and trying to avoid it.

my suggestion is to use actual real life facts and not hypothetical situation based on an opinion and to just think about what you’re saying before you say it.

· and finally, the last one I’ll mention, is the fact that all of the different sides were arguing, but they were arguing different things than the other side??? honestly this was just confusing. there were instances in which one side was sharing their opinion on one thing and then the other side is arguing that opinion with something that makes no sense to the original statement??? this just lead (at least me) to confusion and it got to the point where I had no clue what anyone was arguing about anymore. this is also understandably. when someone starts to question your belief/opinion, one may feel personally attacked and react to the other person’s view in a negative way.

to this I once again have to ask everyone to listen to what the other person is saying before you start sharing your opinion. and if you aren’t clear about something, ask them questions! I’m sure they’ll be willing to clarify what they meant :slight_smile:

I hope that we can turn this argument into a good, nice, meaningful debate that actually makes some sense instead of just being useless bickering. :grin::blush::rainbow::blue_heart:

(also, I would like to clarify that I’m not trying to single anyone out with this or choose a side! I just want to make sure this community remains as positive and accepting as possible :slight_smile: )


ugh, i feel ashamed. But I didn’t mean to just bicker. I thought it was an important topic to discuss. thanks for this thread though.


oh don’t feel bad! it’s normal for people to get caught up in the moment sometimes and you did nothing wrong! :slight_smile:

and it is an important topic to discuss, which is why I wanted to try and have it more organized and understandable :yum:


thank you. I think we just tried make points to make sure we delivered our message correctly to each other. I guess it took a turn for the worse though. Hopefully everyone on the forum can help to create a better community for ourselves.

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agreed :smile: :sunny: :wink:

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Amazing thread; could of stayed in the thread though.


yeah I was going to put it there and then got afraid it would get lost in the sea of posts, so I though maybe people would actually see it this way :yum:

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It’s great that you took the time to type all that. I’m just going to bump this to the ‘Off Topic’ category as the 'General Discussion’ category is more specially for the actual app (v2) discussions.


I don’t get why people are arguing about it, people have their own ambitions there’s nothing wrong with that. Wonderful topic btw :slight_smile:


Oh cool, Dom has hired therapists to monitor the v2 forums. :open_mouth:


For 1. How are y’all putting stuff in boxes… and for 2. I couldn’t agree more. Fame isn’t a bad goal but it’s good to have goals… we all just need to get along, because we’re friends :couple::two_women_holding_hands::two_men_holding_hands:


why so much negativity?


It’s a joke.



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oh the box thing I did by accident but basically I did two spaces on an empty line then added one of these ‘>’

like this :slight_smile:

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ha ha, no money required here :wink: :joy:

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thanks for this! I’m glad that despite some of the mistakes people have made, this community is mostly respectful and chill thanks to people like you


ah it’s no problem, I just want to make sure we all get along as well as possible :slight_smile:


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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