This is a post to feel good comment feel good/ inspirational quotes

this day has been a toxic one so lets move on please

i’m trying to make this day end well so lets get some good happy quotes to liven the mood
ill start

“I just like to smile smiling my favorite” -Buddy The Elf


No idea who said this but it was something to the effect of ‘if you asked the animals, they would say the world was better before humans were here’.

Also gotta throw the classic ‘If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging’


oh and “anytime you look at your dog he will always be happy that hes with you”


”We all have slow days, off days, days we feel tired or uninspired, but they’re nothing to concern yourself with. Like the ocean, the stillness its just another of our natural states. Soon the winds will return, the waves will rise, and your imagination will flow freely again”

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Also love this topic. :yellow_heart::pancakes::blossom:


Whenever something really bad happens i just say Namaste

Tyson fury when he miraculously woke up from being knocked down in the 12th round “I did it for the ones who hit their lowest, if I can get back up from that, so can you”

Or something like that

“Memes are dank”
― Abraham Lincoln


"i want a church girl that goes to church… and read ur bible"