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Byte has often been competing against Tik Tok and it shows that it’s been dying down in interest. I’ve noticed the same thing in different platforms. Like the film industry, where Warner Bros. use Joss Whedon to make a movie to compete against Marvel Studios The Avengers, And what happened? The majority hated it. So it led to AT&T to make Warner Bros. to release the Snyder Cut of Justice League.

That example got me wondering of the fate of Byte. It was said that Tik Tok would be banned and more users will be the preferred social platform among soon-to-be former Tik Tok users. That would be the driving force of this app to compete against that app as one of the ways to be better than TikTok. The others would be that offering music by musicians they hire for audio, extending duration of posts, and texts on videos as well. But many may not be interested because they may feel it’s not as good as Tik Tok but it’s okay, and then leave. It’s already happened. Tik Tok is still here. And we’re losing activity.

But I’m not losing hope. It’s time for Dom, as well as other organizers of this app to find a new strategy to make people take more interest in this app. Time for them to figure out what other ways to help people be more creative explore their talents. Instead of trying to be better than Tik Tok, how about giving people something to enjoy without trying to be like Tik Tok?

I don’t want this app to be the Joss Whedon Justice League of social media apps and Rus comes in, bringing back Vine.

Let’s make it work, people!!!


If Rus brought vine back that would be the final nail in the coffin like literally. The whole point people joined byte is because they want vine energy back just like it was before. Literally 70% of people would leave byte if the real vine app came back


At this point the best we can hope for is communication and transparency. The team has already mentioned they brainstormed and decided on a new path for the app, but we still have little clue as to what that path is.
I’m not the only one who stopped being interested in the app when that path started looking like “the path to being Tiktok 2”. If that really isn’t what’s happening, the team hasn’t made a good job of communicating that. And frankly, this communication issue has been brought up for months and months.


Here here. I’ll be on the byte ship til it sinks and like I said on other posts. Byte needs to stop waiting for tiktok to fail and needs to make their own impression with something big that’ll make them stick out.


That might be true about people leaving but what do you think vine revived would look like?

People would come back to byte, believe it or not. Even if people say they want vine back, tiktok culture is too prevalent. A new vine would be a terrible and dated app. Vine culture was defined by its creators. None of those creators are coming back, they’ve moved on. Clout culture would kill the new vine very quickly.

I love byte culture but I wish we didn’t feel like we were 2 years away from where we want to be.


I agree byte needs to stop waiting on tiktoks downfall the influx of users we had was great introduction opportunity and we blew it 3 times or 4 I’m not sure. We didn’t tooooootally blow it but it’s blown anyway


I feel like The byte team needs to make it like there was never Tiktok. Like they need to make advertisement like tiktok never existed. This would actually make them think of other more creative way to advertise.


No you’re definitely not wrong but don’t look at the other influxes as failures because some people stayed. The influx was created out of chaos and panic and you couldn’t really expect them to stay of you think about it. But the byte team worked their asses off to improve what they could at those times


I’m out of the loop. What is Rus doing? To my knowledge, Twitter owns Vine still, as Vine links shared on Twitter will carry the Vine branding and show natively in Twitter. Rus mentioned bringing back his app called Hype that was a live streaming app, which lives on as HQ’s technology backbone. What I don’t understand is why he would try to undercut byte. According to this interview, Rus is “a huge fan of byte”.

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TikTok can Byte me.

Disclaimer: I’m honestly indifferent and simply wanted to use that sentence.

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