This app needs something!

I’m not sure if everyone is aware but engagements have gone down. However, me personally I don’t care if my videos aren’t getting the like or comments that they use too. Although, others do and some are leaving the app. I’m not sure if the app needs to be promoted more or it needs an update (include messaging system, search grid, following and follower count, rebyte notification etc…). I know the developers are trying to make this app unique by not adding these types of features but that’s more of a weakness than strength. Also, if the developers of the app do plan on adding all of the following I just mentioned disregard and please forgive me.

Anyway, I would like to know what you guys think. Also good work, I’ve been watching a lot of bytes and I’m very impressed. I am in love with this app. I don’t doubt that this app could one day be at the top, I just think something needs to change before it’s too late.


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Definitely agreed the apps needs something, however I think a lot of it will have to happen through the creative endeavors of the app’s content creators. What really made Vine go viral is posts that happen to make its way outside of Vine itself, like on facebook, instagram, etc. “Okay” guy, “Deez nuts”, “What are those,” these were trends that started on Vine, but took the social media world by storm, and that helped build social proof for Vine and helped attract people to the platform.

Vine would have had a field day with the Shakira tongue Superbowl halftime incident, though with no hashtags it was difficult for this to take liftoff on Byte. It may not have went viral the way those trends above did, but on a smaller scale like the “Iggy Azalea rap gibberish” did.


Finally this is a post I have to agree with.
I’m also noticing that I and other hard working creators are not getting the Engagement that others are getting and we work really hard at thinking of ideas and coming up with new content to post. Just wanted to put this out there just too see if I’m not the only that’s going through this.


Obviously a cool down was going to happen. Hype dies down. People forget about the app. We just have to be patient and keep posting content for people, thats how we attract people.


I agree


I agree with this