This app and WEED?

Regardless though. Instagram is its own entity, they choose what they allow and what they don’t. Weed to 90% of the US is harmless, so why we be extra and ban people who use it medically or recreationally and decide to post a photo with it? I don’t smoke cigarettes and for good reason, but I will smoke a joint. And I consider myself pretty health conscious.

Don’t know tbh

Hope to hear from you @dom

lmao, i do as well. live in LA, and we’re pretty great over here haha

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I think there should be some sort of way that a user can choose weather or not they want to allow that sort of content shown to them, that would be a great option to have

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In social networks now this is a lot and not surprising. I have all the tape in the instagram in marijuana. Now the question of legalizing weeds in the states has risen. Now obsalyutno anyone can get acquainted with articles on the type of this article. It’s about how marijuana affects the human body.

So i guess the question still remains, are we able to create bytes involving/smoking weed?

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This is from the Guidelines on the Byte website:

Follow your local laws.

Hopefully this goes without saying, but we figured we’d say it anyway: If it’s illegal, it’s not allowed on byte. This can include, but isn’t limited to: offering to buy or sell firearms, ammunition, or explosives, and promoting the use of hard drugs or attempting to sell or distribute them.

Marijauna isn’t classified as a hard drug, even where it’s still illegal in many states. So it shouldn’t be a problem on Byte, this app isn’t as harsh as other platforms when it comes to weed. But if you live in a country were the penalties for weed are harsh, I’d avoid it.

I posted a byte during the beta that featured a “roach” joint (it was actually a fake one and I didn’t smoke it) and I got permanently banned from TikTok when I posted the same video there, even though weed is 100% legal in all of Canada (where I live). Dom (the creator of Byte) thought that was ridiculous. So I think you’ll be fine as long as you’re not using the app to sell or distrubute weed.


Did you ever advertise? I know Facebook (they own Instagram as well) will shut down accounts that try to promote weed, CBD, and hemp products through Facebook ads or boosted posts.

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Facebook and Instagram doesn’t like a weed and CBD products because these social networks are available not only in the U.S. and people from the countries where weed is still banned, also use these social networks. That’s easy. BTW, it would be great if they would legalize weed and CBD all over the world. I buy CBD Europe produced gummies for my grandpa and it’s expensive. I think, if they would produce it somewhere in Eastern Europe, it would cost cheaper. On the other hand, Europe products are high quality and these gummies are not the exception.

If you’re worried about people smoking weed in clips you should probably find something more productive to focus your time on. Marijuana is legal for medical and recreational use in many states and countries now. Yes under federal law yes still illegal if you want to continue using that out dated argument sure, byte has bigger issues than its pothead community good lord.

Well they have a /420 channel. I guess that answers the first post :man_shrugging:


That is happening because our society is still not ready for that. Even in a lot of US states marijuana is legalized, In the most countries of the world, it is something prohibited, and there are African countries where you can take a death sentence for just carrying 2 gr of marijuana. What I want to say through that is that Instagram is a international platform and it is accessible from almost all around the world, that is why they block things that are not still accepted by the majority of the world. You can read more on

I also noticed that such pages are always blocked, deleted but it will not make sense because anyway people who want to buy weed will do it.
I personally bought it for a while CBD oils for dogs suffering from cancer because my dog ​​had such problems. Only these oils from the weeds helped him get rid of the pain and torment.
In such cases weeds are useful and have no damage, so no one can say that the pages about weeds should be closed because they are not good.
It all depends on us for what purposes we will use

They allow weed on this app. They don’t care. But considering all the things they have gone back on, this may change. For now you are fully allowed to post weed as much as you want… I mean they do have a 420 channel so idk why there is even a need to ask this question…

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Hello, my friend! Yes, you are absolutely right. Instagram and Facebook always delete such posts without having a reasonable reason, but this may be because they try to avoid criticism from the crowd.

It’s not illegal everywhere. Only to certain ages (like drinking) and certain states. There are adults (over 21) that should be allowed to use weed in their videos like cigarette smokers do (cigarettes are also age restricted) and regulating who watches those videos are up to those regulating the people to begin with (aka, parents). :slight_smile: