Third Script Finished!

Hey guys! I finished my third script for the tv show concept I have!

45 pages for a 20 minute thing and I am drained. I know no one probably wont really read this, but I still wanna post it here because this is where I posted my first one. I hope you guys enjoy if you do read it! I worked extra hard on this one and I really hope you enjoy!!


I changed it to promote yourself because I mean you are sharing your work and I’ll look at it :relieved:


sorrryyyy ive been forgetting to topic them recently :frowning:


I’ll read it Nick :two_hearts:


I’ve read the first few pages so far, and I really do like it. Wattpad would be a great place for you.

Also, I love the LGBTQ+ representation on here!


The rather excellent choice in character’s names such as my amazing name Liam is enough to get me interested lol. I’ll read some of it but you should try submitting work to Media Companies xD.

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Yes omg yes get on Wattpad nick !

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Like the work you’re putting into it. Perhaps byte will lead you into writing your own big time show one day

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Whats a wattpad? But thank you!!!

Thank you! Thats the plan haha :’)

I read the first few pages and I really like your writing. The plot already seems engaging and very original!

Some constructive criticism though - If you don’t intend on filming this yourself, it’s important to know that you’re breaking quite a few screenwriting rules, not including the structure set up. There are a bunch of screenwriting softwares that do a lot of this work for you (some of which are free)
To list a few:

I look forward to reading the rest of your script when I have the time and what more you have to write in the future. Always share your work and keep writing!

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It’s an app that allows writers to publish their stories online. Some stories even get published on paperback, given their popularity.

Hello, thank you for this :slight_smile:

Its nice to get constructive criticism, and I enjoy actually getting it to know if im doing something wrong. Ill definitely look into this and see what I need to fix up, so thank you very much :slight_smile:

I will read it soon as I can in a few days when I’m done with finals and update with a review. I’ve read some of your other work, Nicky and I am super excited to read this!