Thinking positive

Hey guys i just wanted to know how do you think positive on a situation thats hard to think positive any ideas on what to do ?


It can be very hard to think positive, its something that we have personally struggled with maintaining. These are some ways that still help us remain positive hope this helps :blush:

  • Affirmations ( if you want to know the ones we have its called “affirmators” and you pull a card a day and it gives you a happy message, for example, it might tell you to think positive or follow your heart) it really helps. With a few lines telling you some encouraging motivation.
  • Journal, its something we both have, writing our thoughts and feelings, also because Byte’s coming out we write down all our ideas and add it to the journal, we make it look pretty and get creative, we also right down our ambitions, and what we want to try and achieve in life.
  • Vision board, this is something that is hung in one of our bedrooms we both look at it everyday, we have everything we want to achieve in pictures, quotes. And it reminds you to focus on what trully makes you happy.
  • Ted talks/motivational videos/speakers from youtube or online, this really helps, learning how others deal with things.
  • Famous celebrities/successful people and their advice.

I just think about the possible positive outcomes if I do it and potential negative outcomes if I don’t do it.


Thank you so much for your ideas i appreciate it :grin:

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Thank you i will try that method :slight_smile: