Thinking about the future

just a weird thought here, so here it goes:

After watching one of pewdiepie’s most recent videos, I think it’s kinda weird seeing so many creators burnt out or moving on with their lives. A lot of them are ‘Social Media Icons’, and they’ve only been on social media for a few years, not to mention they basically made social media popular. it’s just so crazy, seeing your idols and people you look up to kind of coming of age and settling down and realizing what they want to do. From Marzia, to epic rap battles of history (who btw is coming back in Spring 2019, same time as byte!), it’s weird knowing that they’ve lived this life that we’ve only dreamed of and are settling down, the first generation of social media stars.

It’s weird seeing your inspiration settle down and, like an old person, have lived this life of pioneering and crazy experiences and all. everything you can think of. It’s just so crazy.

But I guess what I’m feeling right now is like, these people who started the social media craze are kinda passing the torch down. They’ve lived their life and it’s the time for the new generation. KEEP IN MIND it’s not like one of those ‘old guyz succ and it’s ow time now boi’ type things, but more of a melancholy thing, y’know? it’s just so crazy. the next generation after the first. it’s so crazy.

(here’s a link to the pewds vid:


yeah it also kinda makes me sad thinking how social media isn’t going to last forever to anyone and it’s not going to be a very stable source of income for a profession… but at the same time everything is changing all the time and we have no way of knowing what’s going to happen in the future especially online.
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agreed. specially that last part tho


Yeah I watch one Youtuber who refuses to drop out of college to work on his channel so he can have a career after his fame ends. It’s smart to stay in school and prepare for the future