Think about it

To anyone who’s has a job and isnt working because of the Corona virus. Did you guy have plans too on going on a holiday in June or July but you can’t because your manager might say you already were off work and now you have to work for the rest of the summer.

You won’t be able to use those saving to go on holiday cos they won’t let you. I might just quit my job and go on holiday anyway. Never liked mcdonalds and it’s gonna be a nightmare during the summer since waves of customers will come and stress me tf out


Yo job closed? Every fast food place here is still open, that’s wild

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I’m still working (at home) but now there’s nothing much to do because of it’s all cancellations and refunds which made me sad for some reasons by the way. And after all these, once these all go to normal, everything will be really busy because people will be booking their cancelled tours again and it will be vacation season like June-August I think so I guess as someone who works at customer service, it will be really busy and we won’t get a lot of holiday breaks as supposed to.

I was actually trying to find a new job in a supermarket but then this quarantine struck us and now it’s gonna be difficult.

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