Things that would help for a potential 3rd wave

  1. DMs

  2. Hashtag database (grid view same as a channel when a person types it in)

  3. More users. (Largely uncontrollable i know)

  4. We absolutely need to come out of zen mode when entering the app. It makes it feel too simplistic. I agree simplicity is key, but this is overkill. At least ask the user before zen mode is all over their home page which happens to be the first page a person sees…

  5. I liked the buttons underneath better compared to on the sides. This is just a preference though.

  6. We need to start networking or letting the world know we’re alive. Triller is definitely the app people are going to right now. Don’t agree with it… really dislike the app, but it’s true.

I’ve suggested this in the past, but honestly a Youtube backing would be great. It would take out a competitor and give us phenomenal promotion on youtube itself. Shorts wouldn’t have to go through a beta stage, they would save time and money on development and could also promote right away when they have a chance to take a very good amount of users away from Tiktok. News/publicity would be big

But this is just a thought and likely will stay at that

Simple advertising is another option…


Interesting. Are you still on byte? What’s your username? I was trying to looking for you, but couldnt find you

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Yeah man, I am. Just @Apollo haven’t posted in a while


great ideas but not a fan of dms (safety concerns)… and it’s too soon :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Pull a twitter with the DMS. Add a setting where you can set that only mutual followers may dm each other, or allow anyone to dm u! I’m personally a fan of that idea, but I see why it’s taking them a bit longer.


just sent you a dm on IG. Wanted to audio engineer your vocals free, but it’s best to contact me on IG

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I get the safety concerns, but there should also be a feature to turn them off. It is a little soon, but we need press and they need an app, Dom would never give controlling stake again and I don’t blame him, but it does make sense on both ends I think


Dom mentioned a couple weeks ago that dms are next :0
I can’t find a ss of it but he said it here on the forums. I think it will be a nice addition (:

edit: ahahaaa I found it


actually, I’d like that didn’t think of that solution! :exploding_head:


I know! Very excited for them! Patiently waiting for them :bowing_man:‍♂ Haha

All of those Ideas are Amazing, I hope that all of this is implemented. :fire::fire::fire::fire:

Cool man, I messaged ya back