Things I Think We're Really Missing

Hey, everyone! I’ve been wanting to make an Ideas thread for a while now. I’m just going to dump a lot of the major and minor ideas I’ve been accumulating over the past few weeks, hopefully I remember them all. If not, then I’ll slowly add to this thread as I remember.

  1. A “Your Mix” Algorithm…but for an entirely grid-view, discovery page. The “Your Mix” is Byte’s take on the Discovery / For You algorithms on other apps, but in a short form, for scrolling. What would really add to the appeal is an entirely new tab that’s grid-view, like Instagram’s discovery page, containing the Bytes and accompanying images (and maybe they play the first second or so in a loop fashion to catch your eye), so you’ll click on them. I think the visual appeal and the organization would be awesome, especially once more users come onto the app and the number of Bytes overall increases. That way, we can also search under particular tags, and trending ones. Really, I just want a Discover page of sorts, in conjunction with the Mix algorithm – I think that allowing a content recommendation system and motivating smaller users to trend and ‘blow up’ is what keeps users coming back for more, especially at the community level. YouTube is legendary and has been improving its algorithm for more than a decade, a perfect example.

  2. A “Favorites” or Bookmark Function for users and also Bytes. Though I follow a large variety of creators and also like a TON of Bytes, I would love to favorite some of my creators as well as bookmark some favorite Bytes of mine, maybe keep them in an archive somewhere or something. I tend to have to Rebyte them as my temporary “Bookmark” function, which isn’t a problem since I love the content anyway, but still. A separate bookmark or favorite function for users and Bytes would be awesome.

  3. The DM Function. Something like this would be awesome, especially when the app continues to grow :). Almost standard at this point, really.

  4. Something to…connect users to other users to encourage collaborative effort / community drive. As of now, the only way to reach out to other people is via comment or @'ing them, or finding their Instagram and messaging them. TikTok has its signature Duet function – is there something unique that Byte can do that’ll be able to allow creators to connect with others? Not sure what that could be, but it’d definitely be key to keeping user retention and enhancing the community experience.

  5. A more organized hashtag system – though they’re here and we can view them via scrolling, Instagram’s hashtag system is a perfect example. That explore page, where we can explore hashtags, follow trending ones, or use trending ones, and be able to look at all the ones and their accompanying images in their entirety before clicking on them or having to scroll, in a grid view – being able to start and make trends could also bode well for user retention and making the app more fun and creative.

  6. The ability to reply to comments and collapse threads, and like comments – goes without saying. It’s a little disorganized to have to reply individually to comments at the bottom of threads, or just being unable to like them entirely without acknowledging them and having to comment instead. A minor inconvenience, but something to add way down the line. The way Reddit does collapsible threads, or Instagram organizes comments, are perfect examples. Also, the ability to organize comments by recency, top comments, newest, etc. Especially when the app grows and comments reach the thousands – but, again, down the line.

  7. My final point. Being able to sort bytes using a button of sorts. Reddit’s ability to sort posts is legendary, but also simple. You subscribe to certain subreddits, then there’s a button you can use where you can view posts by “Hot” which mean trending, or New, or Best of All Time / Past Few Months / Weeks, things like that. Byte needs something like that in its feed. In conjunction with the ability to subscribe to certain tags or something? Or build certain communities, like Reddit? Imagine the possibilities! It all boils down to how creative we can get with the U.I. and then how we can implement them into user-friendly features. If done right, I can guarantee Byte will be a hot spot for years to come. (Examples below)

Other Amazing Ideas by Other People:

  1. @Pac: Byte Live. This is what I was getting at with the whole “Ability to connect with other people” thing --> being able to livestream or somehow connect or collaborate with other people would be awesome!

  2. @Toughany: Ability to edit posts after they’re made. This is one I forgot to mention. Have you ever forgotten to add a tag or had a typo in your title? Oops! That thing is permanent! Wish we could fix that, lmao.

  3. @LittleDewDroplets: Playlist-making. Now this is an awesome idea. Just another way to organize your post feed! Again, it has to deal with how creative the team can get with the UI, more sorting features instead of only chronological.

  4. @Alexjakobz: Being able to use custom emotes and stuff in comments or posts. Something nifty to add, but this would be HILARIOUS lmao.


i agree so much with 2! bookmarks would be so useful because right now i just paste the link of my top fav bytes into a note on my phone and its not very convient.


I disagree completely with 3 and having a DM function. Why? Differentiation. Right now you can point to NOT having DM as one of the differentiators for Byte. Who is this valuable to? The potential new older users that don’t want their kids easily meeting people online. Why does that matter? That audience is easy to monetize for ad dollars. Why does that matter? The talent pool money has to come from someplace.

What does it cost them to NOT have DM’s? Nothing.

I think you are super smart that is why I am going to ask the following:

You clearly have thought alot about Byte: What ways would you create to bring money into Byte to pay everyone in Byte? What are your best ideas in that area? Not many ideas come “done for free” etc.

What do you think the best ways for Byte are to bring money in to pay to run it and build it out?

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Bro I’m with you on everything just missed on thing though…Byte Live! But everything in here checks out right👍🏾


This makes me wonder if Byte being married to the “feed” system isn’t the most appropriate way of browsing for what the platform wants to be. I love Byte, but honestly I’m always hunting and pecking for people I like. The algorithm this week has gotten a lot better, but I always feel as if I’m missing something.

Yeah, I’d want this too - RN I’m just using Rebyte as that function, which has to be annoying for people following my feed.

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Byte slowly transitions into social media platforms similar to Reddit / Twitter / Instagram etc.

All unique but dm which I know it’s coming soon eventually :love_you_gesture:t4:


It’s a great tool for creators to connect with the community. I guess have community forums to be linked to byte profile.


I fully support having DMs. A lot of my friends have to resort to Snapchat, WhatsApp, or instagram, to communicate with each other. I know that this is something that the Byte team already mentioned that they were working on, but I just want to give my thoughts on it and say I fully support it! I makes communicating to others on the platform way more convenient. I’m not sure if this was mentioned but group chatting and maybe voice and/or video chatting would be nice as well. :blush: :blush: :blush:

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Not many have those apps when I started byte I didn’t have any social media presence. The only way to reach me was via iMessage


Also, would LOVE to have the ability to edit my post after uploading it. That’s all I ask.


I fully support this idea!! Byte live would be a great way for creators to directly interact with their audience in a way that can’t be done otherwise. :smile: It would also be nice to broadcast with another user if you wanted too :blush: :blush: :blush:

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Imagine having achievements like the stars help you get emotes like twitch hahaha




Create an idea/feature. Stars can get you custom emotes… I love using emotes in the discord chat & twitch :flushed::handshake:

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Nice list. There are a couple of things I hadn’t thought about.

The only one I disagree with is the “duet” tool comparison. I feel that once we have DM’s, we can connect with other users and collaborate without the limits that a software tool would have.

The one I would add is the possibility of creating a sort of “playlist” on your profile, so we could group our own bytes in different ways (my favorites, my best, my music, my skits, whatever). I feel like now, with the grid/feed view profile options, it would be a great place to put a third configuration that changes our feed for our playlists feed.

  1. I like the scrolling format because it allows for people to just keep scrolling for more content, and if their attention isn’t captured in like the first 1 second, they get scrolled over. What advantage this has over a grid view is that videos may never be even given a chance on a grid view. Scrolling forces people to give content a try. Grid view for search results IMO is good (like hashtags).

  2. I like bookmark function for Bytes. I don’t like bookmark function for following - that’s literally what the follow button is for. I know the majority isn’t with me on this.

  3. 100% for DM function - can’t believe we’re going out of app into Instagram for collabs :laughing:.

  4. Great idea, I think TT’s implementation for this is good. This helps set off trends, like I could respond to @TupacSon’s fast food rap challenge if I could do this.

  5. I’m sure this is coming, but agreed. Funnily enough, I don’t use hashtags that often, but I may be minority.

  6. I absolutely need the ability to like comments. It lets people know I’ve seen their message and appreciate it and leave it at that. I don’t know about collapsible threads. Good ideas, but unsure for an app like Byte.

  7. The thing with sorting Bytes is that it’s unfortunately gameable, as is any ranking system. Sorting by Hot/Trending means you see the top most bytes, which are gameable. Best of All Time are an extension of that, et cetera.

I think a lot of your points are geared around the perspective of a “power user”. I think (especially in this day and age where attention span is lower than a goldfish’s memory), less is more. My opinion is that features should be geared around “casual users” instead.


  1. Byte Live is my most anticipated feature. I really hope this becomes a thing, though I don’t think any staff member has actually commented on this.

  2. Yes, edit post please. Completely agree.

  3. I personally think it will just clutter, but if there’s a clever implementation, I’d be on board.

  4. Indifferent to this one but it would be pretty hilarious.

@Stevenmusielski I completely disagree with not having a DM function. The lack of a DM function is quite cumbersome, not only for creators who want to collab, but what if a 14 year old wanted to share a cool video with one of his friends? They’d have to leave the app. So I’d probably actually fragment this. Have separate DMs for under 18 and over 18. That’s it. You are one or the other. You cannot be both. Solves all of the problems you mentioned in my opinion. Don’t even need to collect birth date information - literally a question the first time you go into DMs - are you under 18 or over 18.

@AmericasComic I think for someone like you, you literally just need to use all discovery tools available on top of Your Mix lol. So like go through each of the categories, go through hashtags, and probably most important, go through Latest.


“I would fragment” not a bad idea at all: I would then ask these three follow on questions for the idea:
1- What would this cost.
2- What are the legal implications of doing this
3- Does this alter business insurance liability costs

What are your thoughts on those three?

I guess the thing about software development is that as users, we don’t do the costing or any of the legal stuffs. We just tell them what we want, and they’ll do the costing/legal/business insurance liability costs and stuff. If it’s unfeasible, they just won’t do it. But the important thing is that we tell them anything so that though we may not have the solution, their professional team may - therefore they’d probably have better answers to those questions, and any opinions we have here are, well, meaningless.

But let’s try.

  1. I reckon it would cost the same as the introduction of a normal DM filter, but just cutting a scaling database into two.
  2. It’s actually better in terms of the new child information collection rules as it allows an entire account to be marked as a appropriate and so you have isolated the users that require “special rules” such as no information collection
  3. It might, it might not. If DMs were already on the table, it’d probably lower insurance costs as Byte would be presenting an effective way to mitigate major risks and losses.

“If it’s unfeasible, they just won’t do it.” : I think cost and legal that is why it does not exist and the added value of being different.

How would you address the following?

If the Government mandated legal teams to oversee private messaging it would cost a ton. If this were to happen where do you think the best place to get that money would be from? Or do you just go backwards and undo it and take away private messaging?

PM seems like a waste given people can use Twitter, IG, Facebook etc or just put their emails in their profiles. I really do not want to be DMed here I get tons from Twitter. FYI I just added you on Twitter so you can DM me on Twitter now. hahahah. We just saved Byte a ton by doing that… hahaha.