They Should bring back all the Vine Concept

I respect your opinion.

It’s great and as much as I miss the Vine concept and just vine in general the Byte Team has to be careful breaching the legal side of things regarding Vine and Twitter. However, I think the Byte team lately has been doing an awesome job at creating the familiar place for us but also making it better with the new explore page it is more similar to Vine yet different and exciting for example! :smile:


why cant you let vine die. it’s 2020, not 2016 things are different


the explore page is incredible and it has a good design, but I also think that I do not like that every channel has gifs as the channel design. I think it would be better if it had a good design with a photo created by computer in the background or just a color on the background like byte when it started.
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As an Example. I also Think that the first Byte explore page it was nicer than the new one.


Well the Byte team is going more content focused which is expected more by soicial media networks these days sadly. Coming from myself who loves design and stuff I would love to see more colorful things but there comes a point where you draw too much attention to the app itself rather than the content I have learned myself.

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I think that the App designs are :key: to bring more people into the app, It’s the best way of marketing. If people look down and see that this app is cool, Then they will want to look at the content that the app has as they are going to look at the content. Unfortunately I have seen that this app has more than 14 million users, thanks to the video that appears at the beginning. on the other hand I say unfortunately thanks to the fact that I have seen that Tik Tok has 100 times more than we have. ( they have billions of users ) and we are not going to talk about Instagram :eyes:.

We have to accept that the algorithm that byte has is not good at the moment, I have only seen that there are videos that have reached 10K or less ( Likes), more than just the video that appears at the beginning that has 156K of likes. What worries me is that I have not seen any video with at least 500K likes yet. (This tells us that the app does not have a good number of users yet). let’s be honest.

Hear me: Marketing will be the :key: for Byte, As we need more users.

Marketing will be also :key: for the Algorithm.

Tik tok even uses a simplistic design scheme. I would say theirs is actually more minimal than ours. The reason is to avoid having an interface like this

and having something more uniform and content focused like this

the algorithm is doing its job actually the problem is the new users have not fully progressed through it yet. to be recommended new content you have to scroll for a bit which has not happened yet due to new users.

Like @RodinBoi said this isn’t 2016 this is 2020 things are different. Nintendo has removed things that distracted people on the wiiu etc on the switch ie (no eshop music) Reddit has focused on cleaning things up it’s just that perfect balance that they have to find. I would hate to say it but 2016 vine is over this is a new era with a new perspective.

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You cannot market an app to the majority until the team feels like they are ready too especially since word of mouth marketing is hugely in their favor atm which is a very powerful form of marketing. :key: You never should work hard but play smart and for Byte rn an advertisement campaign would not be smart since word of mouth is proving to be working for now. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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I know that we are in 2020 and not in 2016. And precisely the application needs more attention that is why I say that the explore page designs needs to improve, just so that more people see that this app is cool and in that way these users will want to see the content that has the platform and I say it on the basis that they need to improve the app in several things. in the way we talk about designs and new features.
This is my Recomendation.

Colorful designs and new and cooler design’s that’s :key: for Byte. ( it’s my personal opinion )

At some point Byte should Pay for advertisement on Instagram and You Tube. So many people don’t know about this app yet and that’s True.
Byte also should work on making an Instagram page where it also promotes byte and also a place where they show the best content of byte, as Tik Tok does on its IG page. That would be my recommendation and it’s :key: in marketing, in my personal opinion.

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Maybe that new community manager role might help with that :eyes:



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just need the right person

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that role isnt new tho, they are just hiring more people