They Should bring back all the Vine Concept

This Concept :arrow_down:. Maybe on byte or they should make another app for Skits.



image image

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They were literally the worst part of vine tho


well, we all like different things and that is respected. I always saw their Vines and they made me laugh, I think they were funny for me. So I respect your opinion.

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we gotta let vine go


I agree. Vine was fun, but now it’s time to take a Byte lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well, I respect your opinion.

That’s true and that’s also a fact. but I think that the Vine designs were incredible and unique, that’s what I miss more about Vine.

yes pls

I loved vine. It was a beautiful moment in time. But it was lightning in a bottle.

Let byte be its own thing.


the new explore page has some of these features likd spotlight creators and stuff so the influence still lives on


You are right :pensive:. Since I was a little kid, I always had the dream of becoming a Viner, Now I guess that I will have to work hard in becoming a Byter. Vine started it all, know hopefully Byte becomes the next thing as we are looking at Tik Tok dying.

That’s true, but I would still love to see a better design In the near future.

but like want that design made for smaller phones.


I think that it could work out in the new phones, but obviously with a more updated design.

this hurt :sleepy: :running_man:‍♂

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Vine wasn’t fun because of the UI or the pages. It was fun because of the community and creators.

Let byte be byte and support the people making it fun to be here.


For me the best of vine is already on byte with the in app camera and looping tech. As long as I can take a single frames worth of video Byte is as much like Vine as I need or want it to be.

The rest can stay buried.


Yeah I know that it was fun because of the community and the creators. But you also have to accept that the designs were cool :ok_hand:.
Byte is Byte but it needs to grab more attention as Vine did on those times. We need more people in other words.