These forums... What will they mean in the long run?

So I understand these forums are for all us creators to start talking and mingling and all. But is there a purpose to them? Like when v2 releases will they matter? Will there be perks to being on the forums first before v2? Share your ideas, thoughts, links to any topics that would clarify!

To name a few perks: Jump start on Networking/Collaboration opportunities, discussion pertaining to strategies and anything else, ability to hear Dom’s thoughts and news, ability to provide thoughts and ideas about what should(n’t) be included in the app. It’s also just a great place to share the hype we all have!


They will be used for informing about bugs, attending issues… and more later

I’m sure we all can make it last a bit after V2 comes out

I hope all the musically people don’t come running to V2 that’s gonna be so annoying


Well they mentioned being able to apply for beta or to maybe reserve a username for the app. I think both of those things make it worth it already.

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Omg Imma be so sad if that happens

It’ll probably still be a good place for us to discuss ideas and features and help each other figure out how certain parts of the app function and such

Okay, that i get. Gettinf a jump start, of sorts. And seeing what dom has to say

Yeahhh. But even then, discussing colabs and teams could probably be done via a private message on v2. Or what not.

So will this still serve as a major function post release?

in it’s first few stages, yes.
there are bound to be some bugs and things that we would like to see differently once the full version is released

I… Didn’t mention collabs…

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I know i know. But like as a general idea i guess. I brought it up. I know you didnttt

Im tired and i think i just skimmed over yours and wrote that without thinking😆

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That’s ok XD

Alrighty. :ok_hand:t2:

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I feel like there should be a cap on the number of users on these forums when V2 comes out. Like people shouldn’t just be able to jump in after the app has blown up and stuff. I like the idea of us being “the first ones.”

That is a good idea. When it releases all the people who were waiting to jump on the v2 train will spam these forums. Could be millions! I feel like these forums should be a special place for the 10000 ish people who are on here😆.


I think itd be a great place for us to stay after release. Itd be an easy way to find future team mates, to collab, and discuss what happens with the app years after its released. I think it would be a much less spammy way to make a team.