There's a freaking army of cicadas out there

There are hundreds of bloody cicadas outside. Like I’m serious if you went outside they would just be screeching at you. LoUdLy.
Yesterday my mother went outside and there were cicadas on the door and ALL OVER THE LAWN :laughing:

who else has to deal with this XD :'D


Not me. Where are you from? And what do cicadas look and sound like? If the cicadas are still there, could you take a picture of them?
The only cicada i know of is Cicada from The Flash. :joy:

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Cicadas remind me of my favorite summer days…

Welp those are gone now hehe


I’m a kiwi, bro (New Zealander)
here’s a picture of one
they just make the same noise pretty much 24/7 until they finally go away in winter or something



now i wish I didn’t know what was making that sound looked like

y s o c l o s e u p l o l


Cicadas suck. You can’t even here yourself think with them around :tired_face: I hope they’re gone by now though :slightly_smiling_face:

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Cicada? Better call team flash amiright :sweat_smile:

only a bit of a geek but it’s ok

The cicadas are all in your head

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lmao nope they stick around for literally months

Out here where I’m at you have to deal with nothing but love bugs and they just keep forming all over your window while you drive or on the stairs. Sometimes it’s kind of gross but one gets used to it after awhile

“have to deal with nothing but love bugs and-”
I’m sorry this makes no sense?
Also, I just said that there’s an army of cicadas. Making noise. Nothing about claiming it to be the worst thing ever or anything???