There is an "Art" category shaped hole on Byte

I have spoken to a few different artists about this, and the general consensus is that painters, pencil pushers and digital artists feel very much out of place at the moment. They don’t feel right posting under /madebyhand and honestly I don’t blame them, because the first thing I think of when I see /madebyhand is DIY, arts and crafts etc, not necessarily more “traditional” types of art.

My best friend has recently started uploading and they already feel disenfranchised with the removal of the art category; they and many others were super excited to post but now there is an air of frustration borne of confusion about which category is the most appropriate to post in.

I know there have been one or two threads broaching this topic briefly, and there is the channel request form, but I feel like a thread where we can all throw our support down for the return of a generalised Art category would be super helpful! There’s a massive community that is going to be under represented if the Art channel isn’t reinstated, and that would be such a shame for those creators and the app itself :pleading_face:

What do you all think? Sound off :smiley::blue_heart:

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Agreed. The new update has the right intentions but could do with tweaking. I don’t feel at home in animation either. I’d like to see more wide ranging catagories rather than splitting into sub/sub genres. Music, art, weird, animation. Rather than, beats, ukulele, 3danimation, stop motion…too much sub sub cats.:cat::+1: I still think it’s a good update going in the right direction, just needs a tweak


Absolutely! I love the update :grinning: it looks absolutely fantastic and I really appreciate the addition of the Horror category! I would just hate for artists who have recently joined to leave prematurely because they couldn’t find the right space for themselves. I would also like to see Wierd and Experimental return for the same reasons (as I’m sure you would too) :blush:


I love the update, but one of the first things I noticed was that they removed the Art channel. It’s the one category I want to have back the most


It’s departure has definitely left an unignorable gap :frowning:


I missed that this section was removed. I’ll add to the growing list of users wanting it back (or something similar). Seems odd to take it out. There’s plenty of creators that fit.


Bring back art and beauty please!


I think the categories should be more of a general category and not sub topics

I do find value in the granular category’s but I can see where keeping selectable ‘parent’ categories would help solve issues where something does fit right into a subcategory. For example, when choosing a category, you could have ‘Art’ as a parent and then subcategories, Painting, Illustration, Crafts, Drawing, Animation, etc… and if none of the subcategories fit but Art still does you could still choose the less specific Art category.


  • Painting
  • Illustration
  • Graphic Design
  • Drawing
  • Crafts

When selected, “Paint” would look something like this \Art\Painting or if just selecting “Art” would look like this \Art. And a byte put in \Art\Painting would be viewable in both \art and \Art\Painting.


Here’s an idea: get rid of the fixed channels and replace with hashtags, then we can create whatever “channels” we want. :+1:t3:


I’m all for the hashtags.

But I like the channels too.

Maybe work out some general hashtags for each channel and then list them in the rules?

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This is an excellent and unique idea. I am all in favor

I feel like the channels give byte it’s own uniqueness so I think we shouldn’t get rid of them

disenfranchised new user nooooooo. yah, we needa the art channel STAT!!!


Made by hand should stay but I’d be cool with like a visual arts category or something.

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I agree with you Dude. That’s smart and it can be transposed to the other main categories. You should mentioned that to Michelle in charge of the Editorial stuff.

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Hashtags are just a way to create its own category. Sub categories like you describe it won’t “kill” the hashtags as some people are saying lately…

Yeah fr, I’m not suggesting /madebyhand should go, it’s a great category!


I make EDU videos and do not have much of a space as well. I feel like an EDU, DYI, mix of a category would do well! Calling it something like “Learn” and we could get a space for showing/explaining things.


YES, that would be excellent!!