Thebestofbytes Instagram account (and how to be featured)

also posted in Promote Yourself I am not trying to spam here with multiple posts I just thought it could fit in both areas

Hey everyone, on top of my YouTube channel BestOfBytes (see a few posts down) I’m also running an Instagram account for clean funny bytes and the handle is @thebestofbytes

Go give it a follow!

If you’d like to be featured (and I may use these for the channel as well) please tag BOTH of the following accounts in the comments: @hermionegranger1 and @TheArielleGirl

The layout on Instagram is such that I have to crop out your name in the video HOWEVER I will state your handle in the caption so you will be mentioned. On YouTube I do not have to crop :blush:


hello! under careful consideration, i’ve decided to close this thread as this post fits into #promote-yourself, not #youtube-vine-instagram-etc, which talks about the platform, not the users.