Theater | 18 years old entrepreneur

Hello everybody my name is Christian Cross and I’m 18 years old amateur actor and affirmed writer. I have been acting for 8 years and I have been writing for 2 years. One of the plays that I wrote, “Alter ego” was awarded by UNESCO and couple of my other plays were played in a local theater. On my YouTube channel I will upload videos in which I will give you some tips and strategies on how to improve your writing. Together we will write plays and scripts, we will develop new characters and make short movies. If you are interested into writing, acting, filmmaking of you are just a YouTuber who needs a couple of creative advice for better content feel free to subscribe to my channel.


I’ll check it out man. I used to write a lot of stories, then my mom deleted everything and I just gave up.

I have developed 3 tactics for improving the writing of an author, they are pretty simple and i think that they can help. Also i will upload some videos on character development, even though its a lot harder for me to perform in front of camera than on stage i will try to improve my content quality.

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