The worst halftime show ever?

I really like Justin Timberlake but his new era is really, really bad. He could have done better, it was boring and not as good as any other halftime show.

The playback was way too much. The only part I liked was when he started to actually sing on the piano. Mirror :two_hearts:

Beyonce>>>>Katy Perry>>>>> Lady Gaga


I’m not a fan of these shows, I found it entertaining

i disagree completely.

justin timberlake had literal complete crowd control and tended to the entertainment of the people there and the tv, while also having fun and confident

the overall show and energy of the show was also incredible and extremely hard to match


I agree with the crowd control, but that’s because he was dancing and telling them what to do. Raise your hands, move…

Stan Twitter is calling it a mess.

He didn’t sing enough imo. Spent too much effort dancing. Choreography was great but not really all he should bring

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I like his new album, pretty nice songs. But for some reason this years show wasn’t as good to me :frowning:

Bey, Michael and Prince’s will remain untouched

Nothing beats Bruce Springsteen’s’ halftime show. Nothing.

WHAT!? I have to disagree with tou in that… he was EPIC that haltime show was pretty amazing this new era is very cool

I have to agree with you. Not a fan of the new music at all. The commercials were probably the worst I’ve seen in a while; some heartfelt ones, but that was it. The game was great though.