The Walkout

To those that did participate, what was it like? what did your school do?

My school wasn’t allowed to leave the building, so we all used the auditorium, and we sat silently for 17 minutes while the name of each florida victim was read at the start of each minute.


I honestly wish somehow everyone’s could’ve participated in it…like I know we can in spirit and stuff but I was at work and the walkout is for kids and I graduated 3 years ago

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My school encouraged us to walk out, we stood out front of the office and then some one held up a sign that said “I eat ass” and everyone started cheering.

About 1,000 students went to our football field and we were surprised to see three news stations there, there was a lot of support :slight_smile:

I wished my college participated in this but we had classes but I was in dorm all morning and part of the afternoon (until 3pm, PST) I had watched TV and seen TV networks like BET, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, MTV, and VH1 acknowledged the walkout by going off the air for 17 minutes. Most these networks are owned by Viacom, so this shows that these networks, who’s audience is demographicaly designed towards children, teens, and young adults are showing support in the battle to end gun violence.

Today, my school did the walkout. I didn’t participate because I wanted to do my quiz. I was watching a live stream of the walkout on YouTube. In the chat, some kid threatened to shoot up the school. Apparently, the kid was expelled and I think taken into police custody, as well. Two students have been taken to police custody in the past few days. It has been a chaotic past few days for Carlisle Area High School.


Sorry, Can you explain me what is that?

It was a protest for some students, and a memorial for others, (parkland shooting in florida) the main message was to get lawmakers to pass stricter gun control laws @ThomyBalca