The usefulness of badges, trophies, and rewards

I’m not trying to sound overly negative, or call anyone out. But I’m genuinely curious about all the emphasis on badges/rewards/trophies people seem to have. Verification, I get. You have to prove who you are. But with all due respect, I don’t understand the obsession with badges, rewards, and trophies. Yes it’s nice to be recognized for what you do but…that’s what comments, reshare, and having a community is for. To encourage each other and lift one another up. I’ve heard several arguments like: “it encourages people to post” and/or “it gives people incentive” but if you’re not motivated to post…that’s on you, right? I mean, if you want to be recognized the onus is on you to make quality content and/or hussle. Furthermore, I see these doing more to create situation of exclusivity, and to an ‘us vs them’ type atmosphere, which can be toxic. Also, who is going to pay for these rewards? This isn’t YouTube, this is a much smaller venture. I will add that I received a box of cool stuff from Vine at the end, and I love it. However, it isn’t why I made content, and by that time Vine was dead so it didn’t really matter. Again, Forgive me if I sound like I’m being contentious, I just don’t see these things as particularly useful.

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I think that the people like to have it


That too…

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