The United States is starting to seriously consider banning tiktok among other social media apps based in China

Things could get pretty spicy.


Makes sense. They won’t go to DC to talk to Congress about privacy issues and it’s been proven they have MANY. Could just be a political move against China more than national security though. We’ll see.


People who doubt byte have been real quiet since these news :thinking:


I bet Dom is going to be called to the White House to have a meeting with the President about how byte can accommodate all the TikTokers…ahem ahem…i mean X-TikTokers…lol :laughing:

Jokes aside though, I totally understand how the ban can affect those who make a living from the platform. And thank goodness that they’ll have a safer (& better) platform to migrate to. :v:


The US and China are getting into Cold War 2.0. It’s only a matter of time before TikTok is banned.


I’m excited?

The plot thickens :eye::lips::eye:

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I mean a cold war isn’t exciting :sob::sob::sob:


Noice, this way Byte will gain more popularity. Go Pompeo, go! :joy:

I don’t want to be drafted by the army like my dad! :sob: :joy:

well done usa in the uk i now removed tik tok from my 2 phones and ipad and now just going to use byte app instead


Let’s see if Byte can do something, this can be a great opportunity for Byte to appeal to new users!


But I like tiktok (don’t bash me). If tiktok closes down in the state’s what’s our plan gonna be lads to jump in

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I think that’s a good point, because we could potentially be completely overwhelmed and the culture within the app could change quite literally overnight.

I don’t know, it would be nice if this app could grow more organically, but sometimes certain opportunities can’t be passed up. I don’t know. And you’re fine to like TT, nobody should be hating on anybody for liking something. But at the end of the day, we’re still at the whim of the government and what they want to keep or not.


I get you, but im okay with it being closed cos random things happen in life. But I’m more concerned with out plan to take over. Right so hear me out, people might hop on and either change the culture evolving the app as a replacement for tiktok OR they’ll leave and say this shit is wack and hop out to stay on Instagram and YouTube instead

If it closes down and we get an influx of tick tock users itt should be imperative to institute in-app editing. These kids really don’t know how to use the app with such basic tools.


Agreed we need more tools and special effects

seeing as how it got banned on tik tok no surprsies here

at first i was mad ab it but now idrc bcs i have a byte family

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