The Un-Official Byte Accounts

Lemme guess… You are an admin there too.
Bro, there’s nothing professional about having underscores behind the username. You can’t even tell at a glance how many there are.

That’s what I just said, I have a role but I’m not the owner. ByteVideos had more followers, not anymore. But it’s a more appealing name and more catching (For Byte users) not so professional. Using the name of the app was not a choice for this project because there’s something, or someone that has a bigger, better plan if the account rises.

There’s also an account named Byte.vids that has way more than both, had 1.3k users but they were fake, as for today they have free falled to 800 I think and are constantly dropping as it is so obvious.

I’m going to say this, this project it’s an incredible idea that was put together and the people behind it are so nice and humble, so educated and I’m exited for what it may become.

tbh i wish

idiscover was already an account anyways ;-;

Kevin is not a member, he was the one that called me out. THANKS KEVIN!

But… the account already has planned recruiting one more member when it gets a little more followers and there’s one first in line and Kevin so far it’s not even on the line. But if you have some videos or a YouTube account we could happily work for you.

That’s exactly why it has the __ (They are two btw)

It’s also an idea that has been done so many times that it’s not creative anymore.
In my opinion idiscover at a glance I would scroll by in the feed. People like simple usernames.

No offense, not starting an argument, just writing my thoughts.

Thanks for your words, I hope one day we can make you change your mind. And if you need a little shout-out don’t think twice on DM the account. I’ll say something I shouldn’t but the name is a hard topic for us and there’s already a small talked of changing it, well adding more to it. An idea suggested by @SolarFlair one of our most helpful users and one that was thought of as a group. But for now iDiscover is going to stay until we get the audience we need to change it.

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@Rafiki here is your answer



I thought the official app followed me there for a sec

It happened to me as well but with a like.