The Un-Official Byte Accounts

Hi guys!! Since the name was revealed I have seen and been followed to some IG accounts that are referent to the app, so I as well would like to show you some of them and talk about them.

First we have “ByteVideos”
1- I like the name, not creative but simple and clickable.
2- Probably an edit account/ post popular bytes.
3- that’s it.

Then we have “ iDiscover”
1- it is my favorite, really well made, has a vision, a mission and good bio/design.
2- it is different than the others, it seems to be an account to work for people, for beginners on the app, not only popular posts, so can they make you famous?
3- they are unique and they seem professional, so could they be what they say to be?
4- I will follow them myself and see how it goes, I give them a try and hope for the best.


Last but not least we have “ Byte App V2”
1- Not creativity at all, copying everything, even the logo.
2- same as “ByteVideos” they seem to post only popular posts so they have 0 mission and 0 vision.
3- another regular account


So what do you guys think about these accounts? To me they are interesting to see and specially the “iDiscover” which made a fuss on the Discord and was on everyone mouth. I will certainly follow “iDiscover” and the future may put my path into “ByteVideos” as well if they make it big.


I can see this as being a major problem. We are going to have free-booting issues here and hopefully none of them try to claim to be the official account.


Appreciate it! I think that because of Byte’s official website, fake shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but I guess we’ll see!

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I mean it’s all fine if they share our videos, just would suck if they don’t give credits

So that’s why maybe byte might have a watermark feature of some sort?


To me it seems that only the second one will give credit to the artists. The others are generic edit accounts.


Easy. The true Byte account needs to be verified.

Yeahh, but the others two use “Byte” name on their profile, the other one at least isn’t claiming to be real.


i mean dom said that the official accounts are @ byte_app on Twitter and IG, since there are fake accounts being created, the only solution is for instagram to verify the official account

The good thing is that we know which one is the real app.

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Mine is just @Charlie Byte Finger.

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That’s the account we need @CharlieByteMyFingers

Thank you. I hope to do some funny, relatable content.

I will probably make a byte sharing Instagram account, I will always give credit. When Byte comes out It will be lit

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But you own the account…?



I saw that too

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I just gasped so loud KSNSNSNNS

I don’t own it, it’s a long story but I can’t share. This project started long ago and as at the moment it started I was the top user at the forum so I was asked to join. There’s 2 more people into this. That’s all I can say. I’ll put that on the Discord as well. One of the others is a well know user here as well and the owner is still unknown but until further notice.

You tried to talk about the I discovered thingy like you didn’t run it.

And what’s funny is that “ByteVideos” is “bigger” than idiscover
Plus idiscover’s username is much less “professional” than bytevideos.
And you refer to idiscover as “they” not “we”. Can’t trick us, you obviously have a role.

lol idiscover name is x10 more professional and creative than bytevideos.

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