The truth about Tik Tok

Tik Tok came in destroyed all the work done by Musically creators and began to push new people out that they choose to be the ones everyone sees. Charli, Addison etc… are all being forced to the for you page. Even if you dislike them they still pop up every now and then. So don’t think they became big organically. They were pushed to the top. Notice how they recommend who to follow. They always recommend the same people to the majority of users almost forcing you to follow them. You got to remember the masses are not that tech savvy so they simply go along with whatever Tik Tok pushes like trending songs and videos. They are only trending because Tik Tok forces you to think they are. A lot of original content stops being pushed by the algorithm as it goes against the trend. So the next time you are wondering how Charli and them became so big just read this. I know because I been on there since 2016 as a creator and saw everything that was going on. I saw how my followers began to complain that my vids were not being shown to them anymore. I researched how Tik Tok planned to take over and make money. If you are still on Tik Tok know this. Tik Tok will never care about you or your content unless you are big business looking to spend on ads or a big influencer with a huge following that they can push. They also have enlisted the big celebrities to continue the agenda of pushing you into the trend. You might get lucky and get liked by someone who works at TikTok and they decide to bring you in to the circle and promote your account so you get big and stay big. Why even bother with a company like this! They are literally laughing at everyone who thinks they can become Tik Tok famous by being original! Below is proof I was Verified on Tik Tok. I knew the moment they began pushing Celebrities it was over! Like every vid on my For You Page was some new Celeb they just got to be on the platform. These Celebs come in do a lil dance to their songs or whatever and they blow up. Meanwhile the lil guy has no chance ever! Truth!

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The thing is that today talent has become irrelevant in the social media sphere; all you need to go viral is a pretty face and an army of 13 year-old simps who will praise you even if you commit mass genocide. The only reason why Charli is so popular is because:

  1. Her content is minimal, family-friendly and bland, which makes it perfect for the FYP page.

  2. She is female

  3. Quality content doesn’t matter anymore

This is why Byte is our chance to take back control of social media and allow people to become popular not because they got a pretty face, but because they have talent. If TikTok shuts down tomorrow and Charli moves to Byte, she will not be able to succeed because she doesn’t know what good content is. Back when Vine existed, you had to actually be funny in order to get likes and followers. This is our chance. Let’s take back control


The minute Charli and the rest of them get on Byte it will be game over. All her followers will make vids of her and fan memes will fill up the mix page. It’s too late for this thinking because you can’t control the fact that Tik Tok made these people popular and their followers, mostly lil kids, will follow them everywhere they go. I already see tons of Tik tokers taking up names to get themselves in position. It’s not about taking control of this because it’s going to happen whether you like it or not. The situation now is to not let Byte become like Tik Tok where they PUSH creators out simply because they can. Byte needs to stay out of it and let the Byters decide who they like. Just think WWE wrestling. They do the same thing as Tik Tok where they PUSH you to like a certain wrestler even if the people don’t like that wrestler Vince McMahon will keep pushing him out until eventually you have no choice but to like the wrestler. This is what Tik Tok does and they are extremely good at it. They do it with music and people and trends that they decide are what they want out. Byte needs to stay away from doing this or it will be just like Tik Tok. I want Byte to be the next Tik Tok without the PUSH


idk know man. They’re giving small bizs 2600 dollars in ad credit just to run your first ad campaign. I agree in a way this is messed up, but it’s inevitable. Tik tok is a free app. It’s got to make money, so like the free apps such as FB, and Google they make most of their margins off of ads. this is just my take

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I think those creators were already on musically before tiktok. you can find musically compilations of a bunch of big tiktok dancers.

I dont think tiktok is forcing them down anyones fyp. I have RARELY seen anyone from their group on my fyp, only a couple of times at the start. I think if you hate em that much, best bet would be to block em. you also arent ‘forced to follow’ anyone

Also, if the app were to recommend people to follow, that isnt really a crazy thing to do. if byte started promoting some of its earlier and bigger creators to all the new people joining, i dont think we would have much of a problem with it.

The whole idea of tiktok is that people contribute to similar trends, and once in a while you will find videos that fall out of those trends and are original. i dont think the app is forcing you to believe something is a trend, it just is. same would happen on twitter, byte, youtube, etc.

in terms of tiktok not caring about people, i agree. they dont have a support team or much, and its pretty obvious that they dont care about some of their big creators, let alone smaller individuals.

***** but mainly, i dont get this whole charli hate thing. people are hating on a 16 year old kid for dancing and having fun. like she committed some grave sin by getting followers for having fun. isnt that what everyone wants to achieve on these apps anyways? to have fun and grow? I think its quite sad that people have to say ‘oh shes a female’ or ‘oh dancing, no skill, not quality content’ to try and justify their hate for a persons success. its also sad to think that people are trying to gatekeep this community for comedy only. cinematics, vfx, edits, cooking, etc are just a FEW things people can share. dancing is a thing ppl share. yall dont remember Amymarie from vine? she danced on vine and blew up there. would you say she doesnt deserve it? vine wasnt ONLY comedy, there was A LOT more there.

I think instead of complaining about charli and all these other creators, we should focus on our own content and growth. let people enjoy what they like, even if you dont like it

you can hate on the tiktok platform, cause it is bad. but don’t carelessly hate on the creators who havent done anything bad. they have feelings like the rest of us. if some of us cant handle a couple fairy comments, imagine how she feels


Tiktok got exposed for pushing attractive people only to the for you page and keeping other ugly and disabled people off. It’s a cancerous and dangerous app overall.


I’m not gonna argue with you there; Tik Tok is infamous for shadowbanning minorities. Tik Tok pushed the hype houses and all their bs, but a lot of those kids were interesting and worth watching (at least to others in that age group).

What I’m saying is, TikTok was unfair, but don’t let kids become the bad guys. If Charli moves to byte, she’ll very likely be famous here as well, but she’ll work hard on this app and deserve the clout or she’ll lose it. and if Byte is fair, others will be given equal opportunities.

Also I can’t get over “she is female”:joy: Shut up incel, go back to reddit.


it’s not being an incel - it’s FACTS.

More than 10 of the top 50 followed TikTok people are female

i’m starting to think i’m the only one who has never seen any of those people on their fyp. maybe it’s because of how long i’ve been on the app but i really only the type of content i interact with. maybe i’m in the minority here but this has never seemed like a pressing issue to me.


Did you ever see Tik Tokers post about their follower percentages showing how many female vs. male followers they had? No matter what demographic the creator was, the percentages were ALWAYS something like 90% Female 10% male. I only saw one creator that had a nearly 50/50 split and there were still more females.

Because guess what? More women and girls were on Tik Tok then men🙄


It’s a very common thing in marketing- sex sells, even in the most subtle of ways.

IE- Britney Spears recorded at 15, and released … Baby One More time at 17. They tied up the shirts on the schoolgirl outfits- BOOM. Oversexualized immediately.

I agree, I don’t think Tik Tok pushing certain creators was any huge issue. I had Tik Tok for a year and I got recommended people from hype houses, but that was only after I’d tuned my fyp to show me content I was interested in so they sort of qualified at that point.

Tik Tim’s biggest issue was shadowbanning POC and LGBT+


So, to be clear, you’re saying that the only reason girls and women got famous on Tik Tok, is because “sex sells”?

Instagram is just as bad about shadow banning, and over 25% of my feed is ads.

I literally just opened the app. 3rd item is a sponsored ad. 8th item is an ad.

I know for a fact that IG manipulates the algorithm to highlight those with larger followings, and those who buy ads.

Don’t buy ads, don’t get seen.

They literally only show your posts to a portion of your followers. If it gets a good initial response, they roll it out to others. No :heart: or comments, they don’t show it. This is documented.

The :clap: problem :clap: with :clap: TT :clap: is :clap: it’s :clap:
:clap: SPYWARE :clap:

When Anonymous, who is all about being able to hack and get data they shouldn’t have access to, is telling you it’s spyware to the point of malware?

That’s bad.

That’s like Jared from Subway telling you, “man, don’t let your kids on Likee- they’re all a bunch of pedophiles”


I mean, that too😂 I was pointing out what was wrong with TT besides the obvious.

So the other 40 of the top 50 weren’t female? Is this the best example you have of the app having a sexist bias?


Yeah I didn’t get this contribution either

Unfortunately a lot of people think it’s all because of Trump’s rally, and him being bad.

Every major government agency I deal with has been told explicitly to remove the app from their phone, and not to allow anyone in their family to have it either.

This was pre Trump rally.


Along with tiktok, I refuse to have the instagram or facebook apps on my phone. It’s all spyware

Appreciate you not twisting my words - it is one thing that I picked up on amidst a broader conversation regarding how the platform positions/boosts talent. The fact that TikTok was called out for hiding “ugly” people or minorities is appalling as is.
It’s the same thing that Hollister took shit for - remember the CEO going “there are the cool people and the not cool people” or something like that. Another thing to keep in mind is this: there are also some insanely talented folks on there who have completely blown up. A big linchpin in this lies on the team that the creator surrounds themself with and how that team capitalizes on prolonging the relevancy of the talent. Yes, sex sells, but also yes, talent, paired with having the right people around you can also make a world of difference.

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