The state of byte

I get the Mootopia thing.

Mixer did the same thing when they brought Ninja over from twitch and others.
It caused the same sort of frustration for the people who had been with Mixer since the beginning.

But it also brought a lot of people (in theory) over to the platform.

But Mixer is gone.

Would it have been better for them to spend the $$$$$$$$$$$ they spent on bringing big names over to Mixer on the smaller guys, or on requested features?


It’s worked both ways for platforms in the past.

I think what bothers a lot of people is that they have been loyal, trying to develop and support the app and the community and basically got ghosted.

I imagine when the top byte got 5k loops in a month, there was serious talk of throwing in the towel by @dom and the team.

But they (kindly) kept it on life support for the betas, the OG’s, partners, and users.

Look at the economy and workforce right now. 40 MILLION unemployed. 100 year old companies shutting down, going bankrupt, society in chaos, and just general every day WTAF.

Then alttok comes in and breathes some (admittedly partially toxic) air into the app.

The app goes from unlisted to #1 on several app stores.

If you think @dom and the team aren’t going to scramble to try and capitalize on that, you’re being naive.

At the same time, the team should consider doing something to recognize the people who slogged through the difficult times and give them some credit.

It doesn’t have to be money or anything over the top.

But there’s a reason militaries and other agencies have medals and ribbons. It shows to the bearer and people on the know, that they have been through the :poop: and made it.

Acknowledge the concerns and frustrations of the people who brought you to the dance on both sides.

Thanks to @dom and all the team for not throwing in the towel when things were bad.

Thanks to all the betas, partners, byte beaters, OG’s, and people who just kept opening the app and liking and commenting. Heck thanks to the bots that gave an auto like.

You all are what made the app a good community and forum where I spend way too much time. :rofl: