The State of Byte - Vine, but for a New Generation

I’ve been waiting for Byte to come out for a few years now. Vine caught my eye late into High School, only to be taken down just days after I caught onto the Vine hype. It’s been 4 years since then, and I just finished college this past winter. Googling ‘When is Byte coming out?’ as I woke up, it was to my pleasant surprise that I found it was already released three days ago. Excited, I downloaded it immediately.

So far, it’s been pretty nice. I greatly appreciate the work that the team has put into not only the app, but also the forums. Having communication between the community and the developers is something many apps aren’t fortunate enough to have, and this is forum is amazing. So far, the community has been very welcoming and friendly, Byte has reached 100K+ downloads on the app store, and it’s only been a few days.

As far as issues with the app goes, there’s a few bugs with the UI here and there, and hashtags as well as a more enhanced like/dislike or streamlined algorithm could be nice. Video quality also dips significantly when people upload instead of record on mobile, which, as someone who uploads, I definitely hope they fix.

It’s time to bring back Vine, but for a new generation of content creators and community, as Byte. A lot of popular posts seem to be popular, old vines – as more people join and Byte aggregates more OC, Byte will definitely be a contender as its UI and userbase improve and grow.

I have a very high hopes for Byte and its community, and being a part of it in true 2000’s internet forum-fashion and its accompanying app is very exciting. Beating titans like TikTok, the Chinese Western-Hemisphere Data Miner, is going to have to be a collective effort. See you guys on Byte! :^)


I actually haven’t had issues with uploads. Are you iOS or Android?

Android. The quality tends to dip when I upload from Mobile. It’s really weird. Are you on iOS? O:

Yea. Find on iOS so I’m sure it’ll be worked out

Android is like Internet Explorer, and iOS is like Chrome – we’re always a few updates behind iOS D:


Haha. Exactly. A lot of that has to do with app regulations on android. Bc there are so many different types of hardware running the OS. I think

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will be intersting to see who will be the next big interent stars for sure

So happy to have you on Byte!! :slight_smile: you make a lot of good points! And yes, there are some bugs in the app, but like you said, it’s only 3 days in :slight_smile: I mean Dom said that Vine didn’t have a front facing camera option to record for 3 MONTHS. Let’s keep going!