The sounds are Killing the app

Good point, Tik Tok is the copy of Vine and it’s wurst.

I think y’all are forgetting something. They are appealing to us because they actually wanna retain an audience for once. I rest my case

That is Exactly my point of View, if this keeps happening Vine ( This App Vine 2 ) is going to die again.
I don’t want to see this app dead like Vine.

No one likes the showing Face and text videos that is True.

Yeah I don’t either but let’s be honest. The tiktok influx was the best thing that could have happened to the app. We literatly got new channels and features in a matter of weeks and months

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I don’t know what you mean by. “A lot of people who are new are not engaging with it”. I like to respect opinions but if you scroll through /alt the first video that’s text and is using a sound has 80 likes

And also people do be liking the text looking at the camera videos because I’ve been scrolling thru /alt for what seems like 5 minutes and almost everything is over 30 likes

And also to clarify. I do still watch some text looking at the camera videos because they have an original statement that made me laugh or was relatable. I really don’t like the unoriginal ones tho :joy_cat:

Uhh. Yeah there are videos with 1k- 3k or more that are just indeed. Text. So idk what that statement brings to the point.

Uh yeah I think you forgot something. Byte is centered about video communities. I understand not liking content but all you have to do is look up byters that you like. Follow them and your mix page will fix itself. And also “TikTok Kids” don’t have to make any sort of content at all. We’re just having fun and doing whatever we want on the app because as I said. Byte is based around video communities.

Lemme link you some

Uhh you literally said that tiktok kids don’t know how to make content. You called text videos wack and also called the people that laugh at those videos. “Wierd”. On the same thread. So idk. not liking content is cool but you need to rephrase those sentences

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Exactly. It doesn’t make sense and that’s why people like it. It got that many likes because people on the platform of byte. Liked it. Also disproving the point that you made saying that “noneone likes the showing face and text videos”

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I’m pulling an all nighter so that’s why I’m still here :joy_cat: but lemme clarify something. Yeah this was basically a vine 2. But it isn’t anymore. As the byte description says. It’s about video communities not about being vine 2. There should definitely be a /vine themed section where all the content derivates from the style of videos on the nonexistent app but. You can’t really expect everyone to like that content. And also no it’s not killing the app it actually got it to no2 on the American play store. And I understand that people do really not want a tiktok 2 to happen but I really think it won’t become a tiktok 2. Just because we requested features that tiktok has doesn’t mean that byte doesn’t have the opportunity to differentiate itself from tiktok. So to do a summary. No it’s not vine 2 anymore it’s about video communities and no it won’t turn into tiktok if the developers and marketing team(if they have one) differentiate the byte app from tiktok. Gn I hope you sleep well


Yeah, after those features are added, there are more things that are coming. (Probably the more like “Vine 2”-like features)


I agreed. When astrologyroasting was trending. I make 12 videos that were related to the theme and they were drowned out but off topic videos which is a frustrating when a trend is finally in your niche.


With the new influx of tiktok kids- it seems like having trending audio will make things a little easier for them.
Easier to figure out how to hashtag than to track down audio with the interface.

Yeah the trending sounds are full of. How do I use this comments again😂

Hello? :joy: