The sounds are Killing the app

In my opinion the trending sounds are killing the app, I prefer to see the hashtags as they are better and the majority of the people
Of Byte like to see them.
I would Recommed removing the sounds from trending.

If this continues like this the app will no longer exists in less than a year.

The App is getting boring.


I agree. When you click a sound category and hear the same sound over and over and over and over again it gets highly annoying really fast.


What if told you that. If one didn’t wish to hear the same sound over and over. One could simply not click on the sound tab associated with it.
It’s not like there isn’t still plenty of variety in the hashtags and categories.

I don’t personally seek it out, but it in no way harms me to. Not look at the feature I’m not into. And it’s more cohesive than the hashtags- like 40-70% of the content in any given hashtag isn’t. Actually about the hashtag.


Featured tags > Features sounds


I think plagiarized sounds are ruining the app. None of the “creators” actually created the trending ones. It’s ridiculous


I’m not disagreeing with you, you 100 percent can not click on the sound and it fixes the annoying aspect of it, but it doesn’t fix the boring part of it. I agree that a lot of the content in hashtags isn’t related to the original hashtag and am somewhat guilty of posting unrelated content myself. I think this is all related to not enough explore features. The categories are amazing and I love them, but it’s not enough by itself. If we had more ways to explore and grow I believe the wrong hash’s would stop. (Obviously not 100 percent)


To be clear, I think it would be cool to have a “featured” aspect that shifts from day to day. It could be a category one day, hashtags the next, sounds- but this post is over dramatic in the whole “sounds are bringing the DOWNFALL of byte”.

The only way to fully stop incorrect hashtags is if the community on a whole refuses to like/acknowledge incorrectly hash tagged videos, or though moderation. Neither have happened on other social media sites fully, so I’m not necessarily confident otherwise.
People will always misclassify to get eyes on their content. That’s not gonna change imo


Oh I hate sounds as a reusable thing. I hate it on tiktok too.

But there are more kids on the app that begged for sounds than there are those of us that were here, and if they like it and it’ll make them stay then they get to keep it.


I’d rather have the featured sounds, which I can ignore completely, than have featured hashtags that get flooded with un-related content and become worthless forever.

The sounds are repetitive, boring, unoriginal, etc etc. But that has less to do with having featured ones and more to do with the culture tiktok has created. I don’t think that is something that can be fixed, unfortunately, so I’d rather have the most un-obtrusive thing possible. And that imo is the featured sounds.


Purely from a new user retention rate perspective, the majority of people who see “Featured Sounds” will click and delete the app within minutes.


Yes :heart: The tags are a way for me to easily shape my content to reach the biggest audience. It helps with planning and all that.


wha- where does that info come from


And this claim is made based on what evidence?


The majority of new people downloading this app are hesitant to begin with. Then they see a featured sounds section right at the top, click on it and see that it’s everything people don’t like about TikTok. There’s literally accounts on Byte that screen record going thru TikTok videos and it’s all the same sound (as a joke).


I’ve been doing social media marketing professionally for 10 years. Built some of the largest Twitter & Instagram accounts in the world. And I’ve spent roughly 5 hours/day on this app for the past 3 months. This is me saying what the majority are thinking based off real life data and my personal knowledge.


That’s an assumption. Do you have any specific market studies in regards to this to prove it? Otherwise your personal bias could be easily impacting this.
Sounds were one of the most highly requested modifications from the survey done. Over 20k people straight up said it was something they wanted.
Your experience is great, but it doesn’t really impact credibility if this is an assumption.
Most of the New Users we have are tiktok folks looking for an alternative or a space to properly create. I don’t see how actively shutting them down and denying them is helpful.

The app asked what people wanted, the kids said sounds, they get sounds, and now we are here. I think sounds are fun. I think the sound tab, it’s a little grating to navigate through. I think maybe a window with a combination of sounds and tags would be ideal. It has to be frustrating for the team to give people what they want and they still piss and moan about it.

I will bang this drum yet again, but with some editing tools like the one vine had where are you could add/delete/toggle frames you would see a much more creative implementation of sounds.


No one is denying TikTokers of creativity. No one here said that. This is about having a Featured Sounds section at the top of the explore page instead of Featured Hashtags, or literally anything else.

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Dude, what?
You made a bold claim, I’m just asking for evidence behind it, given that we have numbers that proved at least 20k folks wanted sounds to be implemented. You proceeded to bang on about your prior experience instead of answering my question?
It’s getting a little…mansplainy.


What are you taking about? You didn’t read the thread. Sounds are great! No one has a problem with sounds. The problem is Featured Sounds at the top of the explore page. That’s what this entire thread is about.

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