Oh hey gang! I made a new Youtube vid talking about the state of affairs when it comes to video based social media apps in 2019. Since Byte is coming soon and there’s A LOT going on this year, I want to place bets on which app comes out on top! Do me a favor and check it out:


Instagram will always come out on top. Best app for making money.


Great vid so far!! Btw, nice glass cup right at the beginning of the vid :ok_hand: :zap::zap:


Thanks! I love the Flash!

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I know that’s the most likely scenario. But it would be nice to be wrong!

AH finally someone else here likes it :joy: as much as the show may annoy me at times, I’m addicted and I can’t stop watching lmaoo

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Great Stuff bro #ByteFam


I mean on any app you’re able to make money. It’s just which one is going to be relevant 5 years from now and which one has started its decline to the bottom. MySpace and Napster, at their peak, were two amazing outlets for newer artists like Drake and Soulja not to promote their stuff and they eventually hit top tier celebrity status. Instagram can make a celeb any time the internet makes something into a meme. Hopefully byte does soemthing where it pushes artists foreword instead of drowning their work along with others who don’t take the craft seriously.

Sorry I wrote a lot Chief


Haha no, you make some very good points! Everything you said is true, and I agree with. I’m just hoping that 2019 comes with some kind of shake up of the status quo, ya know?

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Yes lol byte will shake the ground a bit

Tik tok dies


I’m curious to see what happens with Tik Tok… while so many people can’t stand it, they are making a big splash. But I honestly dont think they can hold onto their share.

I loved the video because it had a lot of information, good job!:+1::clap: i have a question tho if you don’t mind, what’s wave?

Hey @joshsouthall! Big fan of your work you did on OEVO. I think Byte is the perfect place for you.
I made a thread on OEVO and it’s former creators. Was OEVO worth it for you? Just curious to hear your story.

Thank you so much!! I’m glad you enjoyed the vid!
Wave is an upcoming video app, like Byte. I don’t think there is TOO much info out there but they have an Instagram:

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Hey thanks!!! I’m glad you liked my vids and it’s nice to hear someone remembers my shenanigans from Oevo :rofl:
It was DEFINITELY worth it to me because it was such good practice. I’ll definitely pop over to that thread and leave my story too.

Hey Josh! Loving this video, you made some interesting points which were very well researched.

P.S. I believe this is a better fit in #promote-yourself.

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Thanks Annam!!!

Roger that, I suck at picking which category to put things in :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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