The smaller details in following artists

Everyone knows what following another user entails: you see what they post, what they repost, maybe what they like or even who else they follow.

In v2 I’d like to have the ability to “turn off” seeing posts that other users ‘like’ (that is, if that gets implemented and likes show up on your feed) and hopefully also be able to turn off seeing reposts. If, for example, a certain v2 gets extremely popular then all you’re going to see on your feed is that v2 over and over if someone or several people you follow keep reposting it.
The ability to opt out of seeing reposts as a whole, or even specifically by user (like you go on their profile and say “only show original content” or something) would help tremendously in clearing out repost-spam on a user’s feed.

Additionally, the option to enable post notifications from artists would be great to help users find and see content from their favorite artists as soon as it’s posted, instead of it getting “lost in the crowd” with many other posts.


the show only original option would be really cool

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100% with you. In the past I would see the same vine over and over again.

I like that idea very much :+1:

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I dig your thoughts here. Would you mind sharing these same ideas on the Mute Button? (for V2) thread? I’m just trying to keep things tidy and remove duplicate topics. Thanks :blep:

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