The Slow Rush

Tame Impala’s 4th Studio album is out! What do you all think?


is it true is my favorite track :pleading_face:


I LOVE TAME IMPALA so I like anything but it’s not the best album to me but damn I love them so idc . I’m seeing them in june I’m so excited I have floor seats and imma get to the very front. Instant destiny is my favorite song.


Ok so I feel like this is Kevin Parker’s Sgt Peppers moment where he just went for it - all in. Obviously currents was unreal and hard to top, but that was also 5 years ago. I saw tame impala this summer at Osheaga and they played Breathe Deeper and the experience was so fucking unreal.

It gives me like classic indie rock w 80s synth BUT the melodies are groovy af.

Judging it as it’s own entity and not comparing it to the other albums, the production is unreal and there are so many small things that stand out throughout.

Sorry not to sound like a poorly written Rolling Stone article, but I come from working in the industry and I’m a total music junkie so these conversations get me so hyped.


I agree! And no worries at all. I personally haven’t found a track I really like yet, but I think that’s because I’m holding the bar super high. Part of the reason I like Tame Impala so much is because of his dreamlike melodies and non-traditional, or at the very least unique, song arranges and styles. I feel like that speciality was kind of lost with this album - the songs by themselves aren’t bad, but I just don’t feel like this album has touched me in any significant way but knowing that Kevin isn’t always going to make exactly the music I like. To me, they feel almost forgettable in a way. I know Kevin’s made more of a transition to dance-oriented music, but the songs don’t really stand out to me. They feel cheaper almost. Dance tracks to me have always felt rushed in their intent to me. I feel bad about saying all this, but it’s only been my first listen through of the album so maybe it’ll change the more I listen. Typically how it’s been with Tame Impala songs for me. It’s fine though, it’s his life and artistic vision and he doesn’t owe it to anybody.


i’ve only listened to the album once so far, but i love a good amount of the songs! the top ones for me were the singles that already released. especially Posthumous Forgiveness (the 2nd half of the song blows me away!), It Might Be Time, Borderline and Lost In Yesterday

i need to listen to the others more :eyes:


okay, as i’m listing more, I’m beginning to agree. and BREATH DEEPER IS SO GOOD.


I’ve been spending SO much time listening to it because I feel like I hear something different every time lmaoooo. But I also totally see what you’re saying about being like “dance”, I feel like I vibe with it though. I could listen to Breather Deeper for the rest of my life I think LOL.

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