The shutdown of byte (not real)

Please tell me it ain’t true if it isn’t actually true. I waited 2 bloody years since Christmas 2017 for the app to die before it could go up. I’ll be honest I wasn’t expecting the app to be released on January and the release so sloppy and unplanned I see why it flopped because it wasn’t the final verison. Like any other app this app was evolving but something was being done wrong

Anyway if it’s closing tell me


If you are referring to the other post in the forum it was a troll to get people to donate to black lives matter. It was stupid and in bad taste and it creates issues like this, and the spread of disinfo.


It’s not, the link in that post leads to a BLM page with petitions.


Yeah thank you and someone said that the website was donating to BLM and that it’s temporarily closed which is why you can’t read the article


It was a sick joke that messed with my emotions. I need to stop being so gullible ffs


You good bro. Just a troll

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Yikes, glad it was a hoax!

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