The rise of racism (?)

I put a question mark at the end of the title because I don’t know how long this has been happening because it hasn’t really been brought to my attention up until recently. There are a lot of troll accounts that are specifically targeting the black community on byte. A lot of my mutuals have encountered the same problem and have been harassed by people on these burner accounts. I know that as our community gets bigger, there’s bound to be losers like them that make these accounts to intentionally get a rise out of people. It’s upsetting, but the best that we can do is block & report them. I hope that you guys will do the same if you see accounts like these.


I started seeing them around the time the tiktokers came in. Most of them that I’ve seen have the same pfp. I just keep reporting all their comments and their account and blocking them whenever they show up in people’s comments. I hope this won’t be a lasting problem :pray:, it’s disgusting to see and I’m sorry you’ve been harassed by them.


they’re incels

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I’ll always report disgusting hate comments & accounts.:athletic_shoe::boom::wastebasket::door:

I don’t want this safe place to become like the other social media platforms.


We have to have a report bloc against the racists, it’s just an easy thing to do.

I’ve seen this, especially when scrolling through latest. I’ve been trying to report the account and the poster before they manage to find their target.

There’s also been an uptick in gore videos- people posting videos of skin being ripped off of hand, children being hung, etc. Please, if you suspect one of the accounts might be posting this, or racist content, and don’t feel mentally safe checking it out- I will, and report.


You’re such a champ @gwynerso ! I appreciate you. Oh and I think you dropped this :crown:

Oh my god I haven’t seen that yet that’s horrible

I’m actually a little bit scared to post on /blackbyte because I know how nasty people can be

I didn’t know this was a thing that’s disgusting :disappointed:

Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it in the forums or discord to have a thread/channel where we can post bad faith accounts so they can get mass reported.

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Reporting doesn’t work at all. I even messaged Byte on Twitter asking them to ban a blatant racist account and they responded saying they were taking it down right now. It’s been a day and the account is still up. :cry:

I think I know the one you mean.
I think the person keeps switching the account @ or just rejoining byte with a different email each time.

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Their @ starts with a ‘g’

If they are getting banned and rejoining with a different google account, they are using the same username every time.

There has to be a system put into place which automatically detects racist, sexist, homophobic and xenophobic content.